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  • Sunday, November 27, 2005
    The start of winter AND a new job!!!
    We went ice skating today! I had told the girls we could go this weekend, and then it slipped my mind. While I was laying in bed this a.m., listening to their spoons clink (over and over and over and over) on their bowls as they ate their cereal, I remembered that I had told them that, and a not-so-small part of my brain was hoping they'd forget.** I then ambled out of bed, asking them if they were attempting to play some sort of song with their spoons and bowls, and happily watched Meet the Press for an hour while doing a couple of loads of laundry and sucking down a couple of cups of coffee.

    Somewhere in there, a friend called, and invited us to go ice skating with them. I am convinced that the Universe is in love with me. We went to an indoor rink in town, for the first time. We'd always gone to the Frog Pond last year, in the Boston Commons. It's outdoors, and really a very nice setting.

    Today's rink was indoors, and it was fine. I think I missed being outdoors, but it was a nice time. There were kids around who my kids go to school with, we were with friends, and it was good. Although, I'm afraid that our friends make us look like a group of clumsies. The kids have been skating since they were two - we are California transplants (my kids are, anyway) - we first went last year! So these guys were wanting to whiz around the ice, and we ... well, we were slower. I actually grew up with a pond on our property, and skated every year, and used to be able to do figure 8's, and a little backwards skating. As the day (hour) went on, I got better, but I wasn't as good as my fellow Mom. She was really good and didn't need to use any other part of her body to balance herself.

    We really had a nice time, though. It's good to get out and enjoy winter activities with friends. One of their kids then came to my house while my kid went to play with a couple of their kids. I had the younger two. They didn't want to part company at the appointed time, and therefore locked themselves in the bathroom.

    I am kind of a strict mom. I'm hardly mean, and I strive to be very respectful, and I am a firm believer in non-physical discipline ... and I believe my kids are proof that not spanking does NOT mean that kids are brats. But I'm still a little stricter than your average Mom these-a-days. So when their mom went to the door and said, "please come out" - nothing happened. When I went to the door and said, "Thing Two, I need you to come out now -- this is enough!" the doorknob instantly turned. He he he.


    [moving from kid-ville to school/work-ville!]

    Tomorrow is Day One of Winter work-stint. I was forwarded a brief on Friday for a case that I will be attending a moot court session for tomorrow. I am reading that now. In between typing words here. It's a Right to Privacy issue. I think I'm going to like this job.

    I am oddly very Not-Nervous. I'm not sure why. Perhaps this quarter of working/quarter of schooling really does help one to have enough experiences that the new-ness isn't new. New happens every quarter. New becomes Old.

    I am excited, and I am hopeful that it will be a great quarter. I'm not in until 10 tomorrow, because they thought they'd need the extra hour after a long weekend to get things ready for me. I'm wearing a suit for the first day, but have reason to believe that it will be khakis from here on out (i.e., evaluations written by students who have walked this path before me).


    Odd random thing - My beloved and i watched Apocalypse Now last night. I saw it probably 10 years ago, maybe eight. I think that when I saw it, I didn't understand it. It didn't get it. But I wasn't that young. I had a kid. I was a college graduate. But I think I was an ignorant person, and things didn't fit together for me ... I didn't have enough of an awareness of the world, and of politics, and of war, and of ... um, America in War. I got it last night. I am often stunned by thnaiveteee of the young woman I was when my girls were babies. When I was fresh out of school and newly married, and creating little PEOPLE. Stunned.

    ** this hope was against my own interests. sometimes they do forget the things I say I will do for them, but it is always only temporary. They will remember. They will remember as they are told to get into bed, and then they will complain and yell, and talk about all the reasons why I am a horrible mother. And I will feel like a horrible mother. Because you should do what you say you're going to do. Really.
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    Saturday, November 26, 2005
    Birthday Plans
    On December 4th, I will turn 33. On December 5th, my Beloved will turn 44. Last year, I was on a Saturday, and he was on a Sunday. My mom offered to take the kids so we could get away and celebrate. Ha ha. Little did I know just how intense exams would be, and how very little time I would have come early December to be going off on Birthday Celebrations. My mom took the kids, alright, and I spent all of Saturday until dinner time working on my Property Outline. I forced my poor Beloved to fend for himself on that day. We did *something* on his bday before my folks brought the girls back, but I don't even remember what - the haze of first semester law school exams is really that thick.

    This year, however, I'm done with school, and going off on co-op. So the stress level is minimal. Mom again made the offer, and I again took her up on it. I had hoped that an inheritance that I believe I previously mentioned on here would have been disbursed by this time, and we could go away-away. Like to a cabin on the Cape, or coastal Maine, or a B&B in the mountains of New Hampshire (yes, for me, a poor law student, *that* is away-away). But alas, the inheritance and its promises have not yet been realized, and our finances are not so very padded. So I figured we would stay home - go see movies, have some dinner out - perhaps even finally visit Walden Pond. I rented a zipcar, and that was that.

    But then Thing One got a bday invitation from a very good friend for a sleepover party. Then my dad kind of grumbled (in his Thanksgiving mood kind of way) about doing the drive (and I understand, it's hard, and they're not getting younger). Then Thing Two almost started to cry that she was going to miss her best friend's play, which she's been looking forward to attending.
    So my mom said - hey! let's trade houses, you can take OUR car when we get there, and go back to our house, and go into the city or something for the weekend, and we can take the kids to their parties and plays.

    After some hesitation about whether or not my parents would (more likely than not) snoop around our stuff, be too loud since they're used to living in the country with nothing but deer and owls around them, or just have a hard time living the life of a foot-commuter, we decided okay.

    We're going to drive to their house in CT late on Friday night, sleep the night in their house, and then wake on Saturday and take the train into New York City. We hope for a show and dinner. We're looking around at ways to get tickets to see Wicked. It won't be easy, b/c it's completely sold out, but there's these Rush tickets that go on sale the day of the show ... and as a student, I have a chance at those Student Rush tickets. We're gonna try. I really cannot afford the 2nd hand tickets on Craigslist, so we will just wing it. If not - oh well. We'll go to the Met, or do something else we can't do while sitting in the outskirts of Boston.

    My mom bestowed gifts upon me already for my bday and Christmas. Coats for both. I received a very nice Columbia 3-in-1 jacket for casual days, it's mostly black and intensley cozy. And a nice dress coat for work days. It's black, and also very nice. So I am very warm for winter.
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    Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig
    We left here in our zipcar at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, and from the looks of I-90 across MA, I thought we would miss dinner (at 6 p.m.) It's usually a 2.5 hour drive, give or take. But after 2 hours of driving anywhere from zero to 40, I thought we'd never arrive. Fortunately, once we made it to the I-84 interchange, traffic eased, and we zipped on down to Connecticut. We arrived at 1 p.m.

    All in all, the holiday was fine. Now that I exist in a world of buzzwords, these descriptors take on more meaning. It was not a great holiday, nor a cozy holiday, nor an excellent holiday. Honestly, it didn't even make good or very good. It was fine. And no - I did not and will not post a list of things I'm thankful for. Perhaps if the holiday made it to at least "good" that would have been a possibility. But I was not in the mood.

    My dad was distant and slightly grouchy, my mom was working, and didn't arrive home until 20 minutes before dinner was on the table, and then was overtired. My brother and his new wife showed up 20 minutes after dinner was served and then "her work called because she was on call," and they left 20 minutes later. No kidding. The minute they put their forks down, the phone rang, and they had to go.

    Enough on that. Because my bitterness in this direction is threatening to consume me.

    Friday was nice enough. Mom was home - dad was at work. We lazied about until noon, and then beloved and i parted ways from mom and her grandkids. They went to see Chicken Little, and we went and got some burgers, and then decided to venture onto IKEA for lightbulbs and hangers and batteries. Of course, we also threw in a colander, and some magnetic knife-hangers, and some new sheets for the girls' beds, and ..... oh! some dish cleaning scrubbies. I love brushes with which to clean dishes.

    We left there yesterday at 6:30 p.m. The girls played "Verbal Scrabble" for the first hour of the drive, which was entertaining, and so attractive, that made them twice take a time out while my Beloved and I took a turn at a round. The girls had gotten so adept at coming up with any word in the world, that we made it be "Creature Scrabble." My Beloved invented this game the last time we drove home in the dark (and therefore, the kids would not read - and because we are unwilling to bring a portable DVD player on a 2.5 hour drive - or really, on any drive thus far). One person thinks of a word, then the next person thinks of a word that starts with any of the letters in the previous word. it does have to START with the letter of another word. After the first word, the first letter of any word cannot be used, because that would be double-use of that letter. So Thing One got clever pretty early, and started doing words like "to" and "is" and "it" - forcing her sister to come up with a word from only one letter. But this time, the rules (as stated by the offending Thing One) included a three-letter minimum.

    Since it was too easy, we made it Creature Scrabble - they could only use the names of a living creature. They were using the word "ant" constantly, and it was annoying. Especially because there are a surprisingly small numbers of creatures that start with the letter "n" - and a limited number that start with "t."

    But it was fun. Beloved and I took our turns, and threw out some new ideas -- such as Newt, Nightcrawler, Aardvark, Goat, Oscelot, and others that the girls hadn't wrapped their minds around yet.

    We got home before 9:30, and it was good to be here. I had to go return our zipcar, which was not as fun - especially since we made the reservation after most of the boston metro area, and it was a good hike away - I had to take the T home, but enjoyed listening to last week's podcast of On The Media. It is approximately 50 minutes, and during school, I don't have time to listen to such treasures.

    Today has been nice, too. We again were lazy butts, and then finally showered and headed out for a library trip. I love our town library. It is amazing. It is huge, and beautiful. It turns out it's relatively new, it was redone right before we moved here. They have a very well developed children's room, which is as big as the branch library we used to frequent in Berkeley. It has everything you ever could want, and if they don't - there's a 20 library network which you can request books from. And music. And DVD's. I checked out the first season of Gilligan's Island today, and will be corrupting my daughters in about 49 minutes. Last spring, I shared Brady Bunch with them. They loved it. He he he.

    I love my kids in libraries. They could (and do) stay for hours. They read some shorter books there, they read magazines, they check out books, they add to their "things to read in the future" lists. Thing Two disappears when she's reading. She glazes over, and hears NOTHING. She was reading BFG by Roald Dahl today, and I said, "oh, Thing Two, would you like to keep reading here, or would you like to go home?" She looked up, worked to focus her eyes, and said, "Yes, I like this book," and went back.

    The only sadness of the library was that they have not put a new Utne on the shelves for MONTHS. I was afraid that they discontinued the subscription. The Nation gets shelved as soon as the new week is there ... why is a monthly taking over 6 weeks??? Harumpf. I can't wait until I graduate, so I can subscribe to all these magazines that I love.

    I eventually, however, did pry the four of us away from the library. We then went to a bookstore, where we picked some books for my soon-to-be-5-year-old nephew. We were looking for old favorites, but ended up with a mixture of new finds and old favorites. One, called Tuesday, is a beautifully illustrated picture book .... with no words. At first I wrinkled my face at the lack of words, thinking it may be hard for a 5 year old to wrap his mind around such a concept, but the illustrations were so fun and so beautiful, I could not resist.

    Now we're home, readying to watch Gilligan. my beloved and i realized that we do not remember ever seeing the pilot, so we're looking forward to seeing the ship crash.
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    Monday, November 21, 2005
    my week off ... circular ramblings of the day
    I am so happy that it is 11:52 a.m., and I am home. In a comfy chair, smelling yummy dinner smells (yes - already - my beloved is making a meal in the crock pot tonight), taking a moment to blog. I do not have school work to do. I have no required reading. No papers to write. I am happy. I did just return from a school-related meeting, but it was pleasant - sharing the things I did this quarter so that he, my teaching counterpart, can take over next quarter.

    I am reading an excellent novel - The Kite Runner. I started it on Saturday night, and could not put it down. I am already more than 1/2 way through, and looking forward to reading more shortly.

    I am picking up the girls myself today - gave the sitter the week off. That's a nice break for all of us.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to have lunch with the judge I worked for last summer, and going to Filene's Basement to buy myself a winter coat on my mom's credit card (my christmas present). Wednesday, I'm doing NOTHING! Oh - except perhaps going to brunch with a good friend who is heading out of state for co-op.

    We leave for Connecticut to my parents' house on Thanksgiving morning. I have a zipcar reserved. Now they're forecasting possible snow. I'm feeling rather unconcerned. I am fairly certain I will not smash yet another car into yet another tree on my parents' driveway. That kind of thing can't happen two years in a row. I think if there's snow on the ground, I'll just park at the bottom and make my dad come get the car.

    My dad is making the turkey and the stuffing. I am making the mashed potatoes and the cranberry sauce. My beloved is making an apple pie, and some pumpkin bread. Anything else - dad will make. I think. Dinner's kind of late, b/c Mom is a nurse, and nursing homes don't shut down on Thanksgiving. I think we traditionally eat at 2 or 3, but this year, it's 6. My brother and his new wife are coming, and my family. That's it. A nice crowd - if my brother and I can get along (highly unlikely).

    We are coming back on Friday evening, because I start work on Monday. I am so excited about this. I hope I do a good job.

    I need to go call Dell, because my laptop is falling apart. Fortunately, I have a nice little warranty. Unfortunately, they won't fix it without depriving me of my links and my well-worn in keyboard for a week or so. but I've put it off so long that my beloved fears that i've gone outside the warranty - but i needed it! i was writing 3 papers!!!!

    The house is a mess, and it's kind of all ME. Not the kids, not my beloved - ME! I am, at heart, a slob. So the Kite Runner will have to wait - while I go and try to make myself someone that these other three can live with.

    Happy Monday!!
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    Sunday, November 20, 2005
    A very good weekend
    Well, for the most part. my beloved and i bickered a bit on saturday - but our plans kept us in different places, so there was not a toxicity to build up too much, and we made up before sleeping, and he (as he does every night) scratched my back for 1/2 hour while we chatted in the dark ....

    Thing One and I *loved* Harry Potter. she is a very exuberant girl. We took the T home, and she was chattering on and on about all the differences between the movie and the book. She was highly affronted about many differences (i.e., that hte dragon broke its chain; that the Beetle wasn't there - and worst of all .... where were the Blast Ended Skrewts??!!). People on the train were rather entranced by her analysis of the movie -- and she was clueless. Ah, my Thing One. She is often clueless about the social environs around her.

    Thing Two had two birthday parties to go to. She had a great time.

    Haircuts!!! They went great! I love mine. My hair went from 1/2 way between the bra strap and the waist to flirting with the shoulders. 10+ inches came off, which means Locks of Love is getting My Hair. What's left is now flippy and light and bouncy - rather than heavy and drab.

    Thing One - her length was as long as mine (also closer to 12 inches than 10 ... therefore donated!), and now it is much shorter, and frames her face in a lovely way. And her hair looks healthy and strong and silky around her wonderful face!!! (Did I ever mention that she looks a LOT like me?)

    Thing Two was not scheduled to participate in the festivities. Due to her own refusal. Thing One and I were in the chairs while Thing Two sat watching her family's transformation with huge eyes. Then she said perhaps a trim? Then she said, well, perhaps a cut like Mommy's? Then she got in the chair, and her hair was just shy of the 10 inch minimum for donation, and she finally gave in - okay, do the extra 1/2 inch!! And now - she looks fantastic! She had very long blond, but slightly thin and drab hair. Now she has very perky flippy beautiful blond hair!
    Now my Beloved is introducing the girly-q's to some Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin (which they LOVE!!!) and I'm off to shower so I can try my own hand at making my new hair presentable.

    Since this is a week "off" for me ... I have the very ambitious goal to give the cold weather the finger and start some regular Exercise. I plan to go for a bit of a run/walk/jog in the a.m. tomorrow, as the beginning of a new routine. Since school won't be keeping me up until all hours, I should be able to rise and shine early enough to get some exercise in. Tomorrow's day One. Please wish me luck. I miss the very thin and svelt zuska. I deserve a new body-image to go with the new hair-image.
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    Saturday, November 19, 2005
    d. o. n. e.
    phew! what a quarter. i am very pleased with myself, because i am done, and i stuck with the plan i made, and i required no extensions (despite issues that had come up with my project throughout the quarter), and all went according to plan. that is not, historically, zuska-esque behavior. i am traditionally a Procrastinator. i do not make plans and then adhere to them. i make plans and then adjust and re-adjust and re-re-adjust them. but not this time. but now i need to get over myself. good job, me, at age 33, you finally grew up.

    and now i have a week to rest, and then i start at That Place that i'm so excited about on Monday the 28th. woo hoo!!

    Busy weekend. birthday parties and harry potter movies and hair cuts.

    two hair cuts, to be exact. i'm chopping my hair. right now, my hair is very long. and this quarter, it was made known to me that people who did not know me personally last year, but now do, thought of me as "the girl with the hair." just because of how long it is - it is otherwise nothing remarkable. i'm starting to feel - now that i'm entering the more professional scenes - that it's obscenely long.

    and Thing One's hair is resembling her mama's quite a bit. too long. and hers is now long enough that it's getting hard for her to brush (because her arms are kind of short, since she's 9).

    so we're going on sunday, and together, chopping our hair. just to shoulder length. i think we'll continue to be pretty matching in hair length.

    i'm kind of sad, but resigned. i do like having long hair, but i like it for my own reasons and my own tastes - i don't want to be known by my hair. eww.
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    Friday, November 18, 2005
    Yesterday Felt Big
    First- Evidence exam. I think I did okay. I believe i pulled it off. I believe I managed to make it seem like I had a grasp of topic. we'll find out in a couple of months.

    Then - Reception at The Firm. I go to these things with feelings of dread. I'm not very good in large crowds. I'm good in small groups, and kick ass one-on-one, but large groups make me feel so awkward and ick.

    But it surprisingly went well. Because, of course, if you're lucky, large groups turn INTO small groups. And I got even luckier, because for a while, it was one-on-one with a very cool first year associate who I hit it off great with, and we had a nice talk, and I look forward to working with her next summer!

    Then the dinner I had was just amazing. I went out with a group of people who had already accepted the offers for next summer, and some really brand-spanking new associates. The "Look At the New Bag I Bought to Celebrate Bar Passage!" group. They had just gotten their results, and the relief still showed on their faces. We had a nice time, and the food was just soooo amazing. I know I'd always heard that you get "wined & dined," but .... wow.

    They also have these great things called Taxi Vouchers. Now, perhaps that is something that *most* people know about - but it was new for me to be given this little ticket that meant instead of walking 5 blocks (in 27 degree weather) to get on a train - if I made it before it stopped running - and then riding around in tunnels for 40 minutes before walking another 4 or 5 blocks home, I got to hail a cab, and fill out this little paper, and otherwise, have a free ride home, all in 10 minutes or less. I liked that. They even gave me an extra. For some cold day in the future.

    Today I must finalize and print 2 papers. I finalized and printed the third yesterday. I'm having more fun right now choosing new Podcasts and reading my favorite blogs. But if I finish, I could go home and take a nap .... so I'll try and go finish now.
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    Wednesday, November 16, 2005
    Now some Evidence
    It's almost noon. I'm doing some big overview conceptualizing of the course right now ... then I'll be breaking it down rule-by-rule as the afternoon rolls around. I am going to have to beg out of much family activity this evening because of this STUPID exam. but in 24 hours ... i'll be done. and that will make me happy.

    Tomorrow night is a reception for the firm i'll be spending some time at next summer. The timing is really bad. I went ahead and accepted the offer already, so I am feeling like I don't really *have* to go. But I'm also feeling like NOT going would be a problem. So I'm going.

    Part of the badness of it all is that I need to buy some clothes. I have this nice black skirt I want to wear with an appropriate top. I do not have the top I am looking for. I'd like either a jacket, or perhaps a very nice sweater set. Tomorrow, after evidence, instead of my usual post-exam pass out, I'll need to do some post-exam SHOPPING. Then I'll need to come home and try to clean up either the Family or Crim take home, then shower, dress, and go. The reception is from 6 to 8, and then dinner is at 8. I probably will not be home until very late. And on Friday, I must spend the day wrapping up all of my papers and exams to hand in.

    Then I will pick up the girly-q's from their after school program, come home, and PASS OUT.
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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005
    My red-headed stepchild
    This is the other cat. I am not as fond of her. She is my beloved's cat, and she is basically afraid of me. For no reason. (Except that she sleeps at my feet every night - apparently, i'm less scary while sleeping). I don't take rejection well. And as far as I'm concerned - cats are supposed to be cuddly!!

    [This endeavor that i've taken on - the one of posting photos of cats - - that should be seen as what it is - Me Avoiding Exams. I am slowly plodding along on the Crim take home - "oh! U.S. v. Pollard! I'll mention that one!" And now you can tell I'm starting on my 2nd of 3 parts of the exam, because I'm actually looking up Batson in my book's index, so that I can turn to the proper page. Today, I am pathetic.] Posted by Picasa
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    One more ....
    Just to be sure I've captured his true beauty.

     Posted by Picasa
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    My boy
    In the past days, while preparing for exams, I have had the opportunity to spend more time with my Boy. He is going to be 6 this year. I am convinced that we have the same birthday. When I got him, I was told that he needed his next appointment at age 3 months, which would be March 4. That means his birthday is December 4, right? My beloved likes to roll his eyes at me, and say there's no way I can know for sure that his bday was most definitely December 4. But, I think it is.

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    Monday, November 14, 2005
    1/2 way there!
    Okay - I did Family Law today, and I feel good about it. I will probably revisit it to tighten it up before I hand it in, but it's done. So between that and the big paper, I'm half done. And I now have 3/15 pages written for Crim.

    And I went to a review session for Evidence today, and I'm feeling a little .... screwed. I'm going to have to find a way to resurrect my old CRAM abilities from high school and college. Hopefully I can pound out Crim (but in a way that I'm proud of) tomorrow during the day, and gain at least a few extra horus to work on Evidence.

    Because I don't know a darned thing. (That's not true. I know SOME things. but not ENOUGH things).
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    Sunday, November 13, 2005
    Dinner Fantastico!!
    My beloved has done it again. I just ate the best meal ... I can't say "in a long time," because he tends to make fantastic meals quite often, but this one deserves special recognition.

    It was an "African Stew" (heres to hoping that he'll post a comment with the proper name for it, which I know he had written down). We have had things that we *called* African stew in the past - it was super easy, and had the following ingredients: Onion, apple, sweet potatoes, sausage, and ginger ale. It is very soupy.

    But this was different. It was a peanut sauce, chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, and cabbage. Then it put it over rice, and sprinkled some green onions over it.

    OH MY!!! This was so delicious!! I think he is the Best in the world, and I love having such delicious foods cooked for me. He is the Best.


    Speaking of the greatness of my beloved, and speaking of my amazing abilitites to procrastinate, and otherwise amuse myself --

    Last year, I was very much in my own world, socially. I had some "acquaintances" at best, but I was very much nose-to-the-grindstone-so-i-can-get-home-to-the-fam.

    but this year, i've had actual *friends* !! It's been a nice thing. People who know the names of my kids without having to be reminded, people who know all about my beloved (only they know his REAL name) and who get sick and tired of hearing all about the wonderfulness of him. But one of my dear friends had a chance to come over and get fed by my beloved. He definitely lived up to all of my bragging, and for a tiny girl, she ate a heck of a lot of fantastic acorn-squash and chicken tomato deliciousness over noodles.

    so this year has been an improvement upon last.
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    I stole another list
    I stole this from WWFD. Because I love doing lists.


    Favorite Color: brown. chocolate or espresso.
    Favorite Food: steak, rare.
    Favorite Month: October, when the leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler.
    Favorite Song: Right now? It's the End of the World As We Know It, by R.E.M., b/c when my kids act like, well, life is so unfair, I sing that to them. They *are* in fact now old enough to tell me that I sound like crap when I sing.
    Favorite Movie: Right now? Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Very clever.
    Favorite Sport: um, darts? Is that a sport? I got a bullseye a few weeks ago.
    Favorite Season: Fall
    Favorite Day of the week: Saturday. B/c I can sleep.
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben and Jerry -- Vanilla Caramel Fudge
    Favorite Time of Day: 9:00: When the kids go to bed and I can eat the above-listed answer in peace (sort of).


    Current Mood: Stressed/anxious
    Current Taste: huh? I am sipping on red wine, so, that taste is the most recent.
    Current Clothes: khakis and my fave brown longsleeve tshirt.
    Current Desktop: A collage of pictures of my wonderful daughters and beloved
    Current Toenail Color: This mauve color - but it's a splattered look - meaning I painted them 4 months ago - and never refreshed or removed. But I'm wearing socks ... so that's good.
    Current Time: 6:43
    Current Surroundings: a cozy living room, with my beloved cooking yummy food in the adjacent kitchen, listening to some sort of .... blues music (he clarified - it's *Chicago* blues - Jr. Wells and Buddy Guy), and one child drawing next to me, and the other coming to ask if she can print graph paper. Oh yeah - and my take-home exams are in the other room.
    Current Thoughts: Should I be trying to write my Family Law exam right now? Have I screwed myself, by leaving only really one day (plus a wee bit more time) for each exam? Am I gonna mess with my grades?

    8 FIRSTS

    First Best Friend: Bridget.
    First Kiss: 8th grade, with a boy named Brady, at a party.
    First Screen Name: something to do with my old married name.
    First Pet: Butterscotch, the rabbit.
    First Piercing: Earlobes, at a tupperware party with my mom, when i was 8.
    First Crush: Joe Fini. I was in 3rd grade.
    First CD: I just cannot remember. I had so many tapes before I went to CD's, and I just don't even remember when CD's came on the picture for me. How old was I? What was I listening to then? What did I play them on? I just don't know.

    7 LASTS

    Last Cigarette: I've never smoked a cigarette.
    Last Drink: Glass of red wine - right now.
    Last Car Ride: Last Sunday I got a ride to a potluck for a class.
    Last Kiss: This afternoon, in my kitchen.
    Last Movie Seen: I watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame last night, but I was working at the same time, and the kids just wanted me in the room. Before that - The Vanishing - an older German movie. I have liked most German movies that I've seen.
    Last Phone Call: The boy who is taking over my Class That I am Teaching while I am working this Winter called last night. Oh! My beloved called me this a.m.
    Last CD Played: Since I now have an iPod, that's a toughie. I listened to a book on CD last night - Fury, by Salman Rushdie. Oh, and that Chicago Blues thing is on right now. It's nice.


    Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: No.
    Have You Ever Broken the Law: No (but last night, I dreamed that my beloved traded my sister some favor we needed for a pill that would kill her, because she wnated to kill herself, and she took the pill, and we were driving around with me sharing the front seat with her dead body, and we had to find a place to put the body, and i realized that I was commiting a HUGE CRIME, and i was very uncomfortable with that, and therefore, my sister then made an appearance in my dream as a living person. phew. i would have missed her.)
    Have You Ever Been Arrested: No
    Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yes
    Have You Ever Been on TV: No.
    Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Yes. (just after high school, both times)

    5 THINGS

    Thing You're Wearing: My favorite stripey socks.
    Thing You've Done Today: 4 loads of laundry.
    Thing You Can Hear Right Now: Fireworks from my town's 300th celebration.
    Thing You Can't Live Without: NPR
    Thing You Do When You're Bored: Play a game on my computer (Mahjongg)


    1. Home
    2. a play at a temple
    3. The Laundry room downstairs.
    4. Trader Joes


    1. My sister.
    2. My beloved.
    3. My blog. (oh wait - probably not a person, but whatever).


    1. Black or White: Black (I look like CRAP in white)
    2. Hot or Cold: Hot drinks over cold drinks.


    Go to Europe with my beloved. For a LONG time. Like a month. Or two.
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    Exam Week
    I just finished my big paper. I have 2 take-home exams and one sit down exam to do this week. Family Law concerns me. I thought it would be "no sweat" - but then a friend said it took her and a partner (I'm a solo flyer) 4 afternoons, of 5+ hours each. Shit. I don't have that kind of time. I set aside pretty much ONE DAY to do this exam.

    My Crim Pro exam is largely mapped out, and I feel I can knock that out in a day without difficulty.

    Evidence makes me worried. I have kept up with reading, and I have a general understanding of the Rules, but I need some TIME to memorize and let things coalesce. I do not think I have that time.

    I had a little talk with Thing One and Thing Two to let them know that Mama is Busy this week, and that perhaps we won't be having our usual nightly "together time" every night (where my beloved and i take turns spending 1/2 hour with each kid). They were not very understanding.

    Today I'm hoping to do at least some on my Family Law take home, then devote the day to it tomorrow. Then Tuesday is Crim, and Wednesday is Evidence - Thursday a.m. is the Evidence exam, and then after the exam, I will try to polish up my take homes,

    And on Thursday Evening - I have a reception and dinner at the firm I'll be summering at next year. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO SCHMOOZE!!! Too bad, so sad for me.

    Friday - finish polishing things up until noon when they are due, and then spend from noon to 5 printing out the supporting materials for my ESCR paper, and handing that in in final form.

    Busy week! But then I get next week OFF - which will be nice. Then I start at the place that addresses those OTHER kinds of rights. And I get evenings to myself! Woo hoo!!! I wonder waht book I"ll read first?
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    Religiosity II - The End of the Rebellion
    That prom day was the first day of my Hell. That Hell was the rest of my high school years.

    I was grounded - thoroughly and completely. My parents took my phone (it was just an extension in my room - this was 1988, pre-cell phones for certain, and even pre-cordless, if I remember correctly), they disallowed me from going anywhere after school, in the evenings, or on weekends. I was given no privacy. My room was searched through while I was at school, and I often got in renewed trouble because of things that my mother read. WHY I didn't stop writing things down, I will never know. (But look, I still continue to write things down via this blog - so I truly never learned).

    I lived in the lower level of a raised ranch house. Therefore, my bedroom windows were level with the ground. I went out after my parents went to sleep almost every single night. W would pick me up at the bottom of our driveway (lived in a very rural area), and we went to his house, where, remember, his mother was NOT, b/c she worked nights. We would then watch movies, have sex, and eventually bring me home. We had a few near-misses - where we would fall asleep, and I would find myself creeping back up my driveway in the daylight as I knew my father's alarm was going off. But I never actually got caught in the act. I think, however, that my father is part Ostrich.

    W played football while he was in school, and me, being his little girlfriend, got to wear his Letter Jacket. (How Grease-esque.) My parents insisted upon me returning it. I told them that I did, but instead, I hid it in my trunk. One morning, my father went outside to leave for work before the sun rose, and saw my trunk light on, and went to help me avoid a dead battery, and found the letter jacket in there. He threw it in the woods, and we had another week of very tense dinner table conversation (or lack thereof).

    What I feel so terrible about now is the knowledge that my entire family went through hell during this time. Not just me. My brother and sister were stuck between me and my parents - in turn hating each of us, and blaming us for the discord that had become our home. The fighting was constant. My sister, especially, had a hard time, as she told me later. W and I did plan on running away, if things were to cross another line, and I had a constant bag packed. My little sister was very upset by this, and I discovered in the past 5 years that she, too, had a constant bag packed, and planned on insisting that she come along, rather than be left alone in the house without me.

    My father reacted by succumbing to the prayers and the courting and the begging and the pleading, and he became a Christian. I remember the night he told my mother - he had done it privately, as most people did while I was in this small New England "bible-based, non-denominational" church - the huge altar calls and hoopla wasn't something I saw until Liberty - which is the next chapter. We were driving in the car on the way home from a concert of a Christian Singer which I was Forced to go to because I (at age 17) could not be trusted home alone, and they thought I was asleep. He told my mother that he had accepted the Lord into his heart, and that he was a Christian. I knew it was because of me. Right now, 16 years later, I cannot remember if he SAID it was because of me, and all I put him through, but it was. Perhaps because I had shown him that there really is Sin in the world, and that if there is Sin, there must be someone who presides over acts, and deems what is Sin and what is not Sin.

    I also have another theory, though. I do believe that people look to religion to serve other purposes in their lives. I believe that my father had a very hard time justifying the randomness of his idea that I should not be having sex - and that Christianity provided to him a very nice pre-written set of rules. He is a very legalistic person, who likes black and white, and I think that when he took the time to look close enough at the theology of Born Again Christians, he saw how the rules and biases really fit in well with his own fears and ideas. It gave him the o.k.

    And my theory for my mom: she's a very stoic person, she keeps a real reign on her emotional side, and always has. Church gives *her* the okay to be emotional. It takes away whatever barriers she's put up between herself and her emotions, and gives her Permission to Cry. When she's at church, the minute the music and the singing starts, she starts to cry and cry.

    But, the story. I really was all-out rebelling at that point. Only with sex, though. I didn't drink, I didn't ever try any drug. I was also VERY monogamous. But I was sneaking out the window constantly, which led to me falling asleep in classes during the day, and getting very poor grades. I also would sneak out of school, either down a back driveway when the security guard was peeing, or in my the trunks of friends' cars. I also (horror of horror) bought a new phone, and plugged it in to the wall so I could call W and tell him when to come and pick me up. There were also occasions, when my mother was working when I got out of school, that I would take my dad's Jeep, and drive (without a license) to where W worked.

    There was one point where I had sort of wised up, and decided to play things a little smarter. I wrote a "note" to W about how I was so pleased that we saw the error of our ways, and that we'd decided to start to focus on the Lord. I then put that note on my dresser, under a book, but with a corner sticking out. I very closely saw where the lines were on the paper, and knew that if when I returned home from school the lines were in a different place, my mother had read my "note."

    Sure enough, when I got home, the note had moved. My mother called me from work soon after I got off the bus and told me that she had thought things over, and decided that I seem as though I deserved a second chance. She said that W and I could take her car and go out to dinner that night, as a little test.

    I think we had 2 weeks (at most) of very limited freedom before I came home from school one day to my entire closet emptied out on the floor of my bedroom ... Including the extra set of sheets into which I had folded my birth control pills. My mother later told me that Jesus appeared to her during her "quiet time" and told her where to look in order to find proof of my continued sinning.

    My parents were so unable to get me to "shape up" and get back into the church, and get rid of my "attitude" - oh yeah, and my boyfriend -- that they made us all go to Family Counseling. Christian Family Counseling, of course. Another thing for my siblings to hate me for. It was so tedious. We had to draw pictures on a flip-chart of how we viewed our family. My siblings put the four of them in one corner of the paper, and me way off in a different corner. I hated them all, and I wanted to leave, and not have to deal with them, and their stupid religion.

    But that got sooooo tiring! I got sick of hating my family. I got sick of being grounded and not being able to participate in any social life whatsoever - with or without W. Honestly, I was also getting sick of W. He had graduated the year before me, and spent almost the entire year unemployed. He didn't want to go to college, and he dissuaded me from doing the same. When I decided that I did in fact want to go to college, he jeered at me, and made fun of me for being a "nerd" and for thinking that I was better than him. But at that point, it just made me sick.

    He stopped being worth all the fighting to me. I no longer wanted part of our "future plans" wherein I would graduate high school and be a secretary for my entire life (that became so ironic later) while he kept dreaming about money falling into his lap so he could open his own dog kennel.

    I thought long and hard about things, and I decided that I didn't only want to break up with W, I wanted to rejoin my family. I made a very calculated decision that I would, for real, become Born Again. That I was sick and tired of the divide between me and my siblings and my parents, I was sick of the tense dinner table, and sex really wasn't all that fun, anyway. Especially since I now found W to be rather gross.

    I did not "believe." I actually felt that I could NOT become a Christian. There was a belief in our church that if god "called you" to him, then you could accept Jesus Christ into your heart, and be Born Again. I never felt called. I never felt a pull. There were many times that I would say the words, and I would TRY to mean it. But the people around me, at my parents' church, were heaped over in tears because of the "power of god," they were jubilant, they were .... so INTO it, and I just never felt that click. So, during the times of my life when I did believe in teh doctrine, I felt that I was just not called. I had not been chosen, and I would, in fact, go to Hell. But at the very least, i could be a part of the community, and perhaps one day, god would call me, or not. but i didn't want to be on the outs anymore.

    My parents went away to Hawaii for a week, and left us home with friends. While they were gone (and I had a bit more freedom, because the friends were not as attuned to my sneakiness), I broke up with W. I presented this fact to my parents with much celebration when they returned, and we started on the Road to Repairing our Relationships.

    This was the March of my senior year. So I had 4 months to actually enjoy my senior year. I was able to re-strengthen friendships, attend parties, go to the Prom (with a male friend who was not a boyfriend), and do normal senior year things. My parents did decide that I was not Ready to attend college away from home, so I had to attend a commuter college for a year, to "prove myself." Which I did. I got a 4.0, had a very successful internship in a prosecutor's office (I was a prelaw major), and was accepted at American University, where I really really wanted to go, b/c I wanted to go into law, and perhaps even politics, and I was excited about academics and about my future.

    however ......
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    Thursday, November 10, 2005
    Blame shifting and hate mongering
    This story made me mad. It seems to me like a very convenient way to take a national crisis (the fact that an alarming amount of Americans cannot afford the very high costs of health insurance) and turn it into a hate-fest.

    It seems to me like a convenient way to justify the lack of action being taken to repair the disaster in this country that is the healthcare system.
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    Monday, November 07, 2005
    A link that works (I hope)
    I was informed that the link for the politics quiz does not actually work. I have no clue how to fix all that html gobbledy gook, so I'm just posting a new link in a new post.

    Hope that works better for ya!
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    Sunday, November 06, 2005
    i love taking polls and quizzes ....
    You are a

    Social Liberal
    (88% permissive)

    and an...

    Economic Liberal
    (6% permissive)

    You are best described as a:


    Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
    Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
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    Saturday, November 05, 2005
    Religiosity I
    I received the National Liberty Journal” in the mail today. It is a monthly newspaper published by my alma mater, Liberty University, which was founded by Jerry Falwell.

    It is very surreal to read these articles written by these born again Christians (some of whom were my professors), decrying the things that I value. It is also hard to remember that I was a part of their world for several years. Not only while I was in college, but for at least a year on either side of my attendance there.

    And I felt compelled to write down the story of that journey. I feel that it is so vital to who I am, and how I think, and how I raise my children. I don't feel like I can even adequately explain my reaction to the things I read that come from the Religious Right in these present times without showing just how well I understand the way they think - what their priorities are - what their fears are.

    So here's my story:

    When I was 14, my mother decided that she had a gaping hole in her life, and that she needed to fill that hole with Jesus. I am quite uncertain what the hole REALLY was in her life. But I think it may have been a sense of connection to the community, and the world, and instead of giving of herself in a secular way, finding a church was the only way she could think of to connect to the world at large. We were a pretty isolated family. We lived in the country, and my parents had stayed connected to their friends from the town we'’d previously lived in, but did not connect to the town that I spent most of my life in. That may have been because my parents were reaching UP in the move, and were not as well off, initially, as most of the community around us. They worked their way up through the years, but that did not enhance their social connection to the town.

    Regardless of the reasons, my mother decided she needed to find Jesus. My father was abhorred. He hated god, because god killed his two of his brothers and his mother, and that pissed him off. He was also abhorred because he had three motorcycles, and had in the past years taken to going for Sunday morning rides, sometimes with, sometimes without my mother, to gather with other motorcycle riders. Therefore, he said no way. He wasn’t doing that, he was going to continue to ride his motorcycle and go to the Marcus Dairy – the Sunday morning motorcycle hang out. I think it was a diner. It still strikes me as odd that motorcycle riders congregated at the Marcus Dairy (in Danbury, Connecticut) on Sunday mornings. What the heck ever happened to the bars? And the beer? And the night? Now it was milk. In the morning.

    My mom took the three of us kids, me 14, my sister 11, and my brother 8, to all the churches in town. We tried a Congregational Church (too bland), an Episcopal Church (too stuffy), a Church (too weird), and then, an independent bible-based church which met in a high school auditorium. And there, my mom found Jesus. It was a very small church with about 100 people, mostly family with small kids, and then an assorted bunch of (I'm sorry if it seems tactless) loser adults. They really were, though. Every single adult who went to that church was a misfit in some way. A *serious* misfit. As I got to know each of them as the years went on, they each had their own reasons to be called, by me, a Freak.

    The pastor of the chuch at that time (it's since gone through so many changes - in leadership, in location, in attendees, etc.) was a very intelligent and intellectual theologian. He was, in all honesty, a very good man. He was earnest, he was very kind, and he lacked the judgmentalism that I've seen in .... oh, every single other pastor or church leader I've ever come across. He did not speak down to people. But he also spoke way above my head, and all of these positive character attributes never worked to convince me that the stuff coming out of his mouth was important to me, or to my soul. Later in my life (and in this story), I started to pay more attention, and understand more of the theology that was being spewed at me. At this point, all that this stuff meant to me was Rules.

    I really bucked the changes brought to my life. The parts I did see of what the church taught was so different from the things I had previously been taught in life. That I could only be friends with other Christians (people who have asked Jesus to come into their heart and cleanse them of sin, and therefore allow them to go to Heaven, because they have been forgiven of all past and future sins. Catholics were most decidedly NOT Christians. Episcopals --– no way. Congregationalists? Snort. And that Unitarian church that met in the high school cafeteria? Well, they worshipped the stars, and therefore, they were actually the devil. Or several devils. Right there in the same building as us, the Only True Christians.) Suddenly, all of my friends were suspect. Suddenly, every time I came home from school and mentioned Tracey or Missy or Jen or Oliver, the first thing my mother asked was "“are they a Christian?"” if the answer was "they'’re Catholic"” or "“their family doesn'’t go to church"” then the only thing I was allowed to do with them was ---- Invite Them to Church.

    I remember one weekend, an old friend of mine who had been listening to my complaints of this shift in my family did decide to come and see if this church was as crazy as I thought it was. We sang a hymn that day with the chorus of "“Cause me to Come, Lord,"” and my BF and I sat there giggling, singing "“Cause me to Cum, Chris,"” or any other name of boys we found cute.

    I remained very resistant to the whole church thing. My dad also remained resistant, and angry, and resentful. He was resentful because my mom never went on the motorcycle with him anymore, and she started volunteering to do things at the church, and started spending time on the phone with people from church, and he didn'’t like it. They fought about it a lot. And then the four of us would go to church, and my mom would put my dad on the '“prayer list'” and everyone would raise their hands toward the ceiling of the high school, and beg Jesus to call my father to him, and to change his heart, and open him up to the Word of the Lord while others would murmur "“amen, jesus,"” and "“hallelujah!"”

    Church was often a 4 hour event. Two hours of church, an hour of Sunday school, and an hour of socializing. It was excruciating. I was miserable. There were two people my age. Myself, and boy named S. S liked me. I did not like S, but he kept things slightly interesting, and so I would flirt with S-, and do everything I could in order to be certain that he continued liking me, so I would not be thoroughly bored and miserable, but only mostly bored and miserable. S- was into all of the church business, and he would never have Kissed or Held Hands before marriage, so it was all very innocent and flirtatious.

    But at school, outside of the Church, I was not as innocent. I started dating behind my parents'’ back when I was 15. It had to be behind their back, because no one was a Christian, and if they were, they were boring, and I wanted nothing to do with them. I sometimes found some common ground with those who were Mormon (2 in my school) because their lives were as dominated by Rules and Restrictions as mine had become, but they were not dating material – I think they even believed in their doctrines -- unlike myself. Furthermore, their church would have found me Evil, just as mine believed completely that they were members of a Cult.

    I started to date one person in particular seriously, W. That old best friend of mine from above, who was my cohort in turning hymns into pornography --- her older sister used to date W. I knew a lot about their relationship because of that. And I knew that Big Sister had an abortion after W got her pregnant. When this was happening, I was 12 or 13, (and the Big Sister was 16 or 17, and W was 14 or 15), and my mother had not yet gone all Born Again on me, and I told her about my friend's sister'’s plight and decision.

    As you can imagine, my parents (plural --– my motorcycle-riding, gun-collecting, deer-hunting, target-shooting father did NOT need religion in order to side with my mom on this one) were absolutely horrified that I had chosen this person to date. I did my utmost to convince them that W had Changed. For a while, they required that we get together either at our home, with my parents present, or with his mother (who was Divorced, and therefore, a suspect chaperone). They slowly relaxed these rules. Unfortunately, I was not able to see how relaxed they would have gotten over time.

    I first had sex with W when I was 15, almost 16, and a Junior in high school. Pretty soon after I started doing the dirty deed, I went on the pill, because he had, in fact, learned his lesson while dating my friend's sister. He brought me to planned parenthood, and I had an exam, and I got the pill. I then dutifully got a ride from a friend or snuck myself in my parents'’ car to downtown Waterbury every few months thereafter, to ensure that I would not have to contemplate the Worst Sin Imaginable myself.

    I never felt any guilt over this – despite the messages that were being pulsed into my brainwaves on a weekly basis. I did not feel that I was harming myself, or that I was making Jesus cry. I felt like I had a delicious secret, and I loved to imagine what my mother'’s friends at church would think if they knew. I continued to play the game at church --– perhaps even more convincingly than I had in the past, because I now had something invested in them *thinking* that I was on board. I was baptized in a lake at a picnic with a few others at one point (and my mother was absolutely horrified, b/c the t-shirt I had grabbed to wear over my bathing suit - to avoid indecency, was one I had bought at a concert with friends - a Ratt and Poison concert. The t-shirt had all of the Poison band members' pictures on it. Perfect for a baptism.)

    Most of my junior year was spent with me sneaking around, living a double life. My parents thinking that I was following their rules, but me being as creative as possible to be able to be out and about with W. I would say I was going out with girlfriends, or the like, and really go out with him. His mom worked nights, so we could go to his house and have nothing in the way of our Fun (although it wasn'’t really, for me, all that fun yet. That didn'’t come until adulthood). By the time W'’s senior prom came along, we had played the game well enough that I was allowed to go, and was even allowed to stay out all night, because my parents believed me when I told them that there was a chaperoned sleep over party at a friend’s house.

    I suppose my dad was really never convinced that W was an okay guy. While we were at the prom, my dad went through W'’s car. He found notes I had written to W which detailed my joy and happiness in the fact that he had been My First. My mother called W'’s house and tracked me down as we were getting ready to go to the beach with friends (after spending a night alone in a hotel).

    And the next phase of my life began.

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    Thursday, November 03, 2005
    Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
    That's about ALL I am thinking about lately. My project that goes hand-in-hand with the Class That I Am Teaching pertains to ESCR, and I am writing a paper which is meant to introduce the first year class to this issue. And International Law in General. I spent 5 straight hours in the library yesterday pouring through different texts, different pages on Westlaw, and my document. I added about 10 pages, all pretty substantive on international law.

    I don't usually do 5 hours straight on one given thing. I usually plan 2 hours of reading for Crim, then an hour of prepping for teaching, then perhaps 30 minutes of email and blog reading, then perhaps another hour of reading for classes, etc. But yesterday, I was FOCUSED.

    It is a very interesting topic, and so rich, and so multi-layered -- making it possibly for my typically flitting brain to focus.

    It is very hard for me to stay on track, however, because I end up wanting to pursue the material that addresses the United States' inability to commit to or address the woeful status of economic, social and cultural rights in this country.

    192 countries have signed onto the Convention on the Rights of the Child - more than have on any of the other major human rights treaties.

    of those 192 - TWO countries have yet to ratify the treaty. Guess what two? Um, the U.S., and Somalia.

    Didn't Roberts complain during his confirmation hearings about using International Law as persuasive authority in U.S. constitutional decisions because of the potential horror of looking to Somalia to support an argument? Perhaps there's more of a connection than he was considering at the time.
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    Tuesday, November 01, 2005
    The Home Stretch - an update
    I think that after a couple more weeks of quiet, I will have some time to spend being all reflective and whatnot here.

    Being on the quarter system, I'm almost done with school!! I'm not very stressed over it, even though NEXT WEEK is my last week of classes. I feel pretty good. I only have one "real" exam, 2 take home exams, and one major paper, which is progressing nicely, I believe, and should be done before I devote myself to the others.

    Family law ended up a lot more BORING and lecture-y (as opposed to participatory) than I'd hoped for. I'm also not very fond of the professor. She's known around school as an "expert" on family law issues, and also a helluva professor (although a very difficult grader ... I mean, "evaluator"). I was underwhelmed.

    Advanced Crim was all I could have hoped for. A lot of constitutional law, a lot of really in depth analysis of cases, and tracking of different Justices' opinions through lines of cases, and just -- a lot of heft. I really like the professor who teaches this class. Last year was his first year teaching, and he is my Beloved's age (i.e., mid 40's), and he really talks to students as if we're all peers. Yet, he commands a LOT of respect, both for his Past Life and accomplishments as a criminal defense attorney and for his obvious intelligence and understanding of the law.

    Evidence is just Evidence. There's Rules. I hate rules. But I'm managing, and I think I'm able to keep it all straight.

    We were going to go back to California for Thanksgiving, but this inheritance that I've been waiting on for 10 million years hit another snafu, and i had to cancel that trip. Again. We had been planning on going in August, b/c the inheritance was going to be here by May 30. Initially, it was going to be here WELL BEFORE I started law school. Now I'm 1/2 way through, and still, no dice. I hate!!!! complaining about this, b/c I am so incredibly grateful and surprised and grateful that I'm getting this little nugget of financial help (from an Uncle who died 4 years ago at a ridiculously young age of a heart attack 3 months after his wife died at a ridiculously young age of cancer). The problem lies in the fact taht they keep giving us dates (there are 13 nephews and nieces who have been graced with this generous gift), and the dates keep coming and going. A cousin of mine canceled a wedding!! Because she thought that this would pay for it based upon promises from the attorney.

    We will stay here for Thanksgiving, and we will make an appearance at my parents' house in Connecticut. And when we get back - I start work! I'm very excited about this job.

    And I'm already looking forward to the Spring quarter, when I be nothing but a STUDENT. My students are upset that I don't come back to them when I come back to school in the Spring. And I will miss them, but I will not miss being nothing but a STUDENT!!! ahhhhh.
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