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  • Saturday, July 09, 2005
    paragraphs - help!
    Can someone please tell me why i do not have any paragraph breaks on my blog?

    I type them in. but they do not show up. WHY????

    Update: Thank you WhyLaw ... It is now fixed!!
    posted by Zuska @ 9:12 PM   1 comments
    My Ungrades
    well, i got my evaluations today. Narrative evaluations - not grades. I did better than I was thinking I would do, which pleased me on the whole. In one class, my professor did not include much description of my performance, and I got a "notch" lower than I thought I had done (I thought I aced it, 100%, and I got one notch below acing it.) I was disappointed about this class, because it was my favorite!! Constitutional law. And I just saw the professor in the wine store, and she TOLD me that I did "very well" on my exam, and then said, "very well!" So I *thought* I would get the best grade (i mean, evaluation) possible.

    But it's really stupid of me to whine. I am very pleased with my first year of law school. I never ever thought that with 2 children and the routines that I hoped to hold onto -- and actually held quite dear and high on the priority list -- that I would do as well as I have. Actually, ever since I graduated college, I was petrified of law school. Petrified that I would learn that I'm not as smart as people had suspected and berated me over (due to underacheiving in high school and college). I thought that if I were to go, I'd be one of those people who flunked out before the first year's end.

    But in actuality, I think that my life situation has helped me to do well. It helps me in an area I'm not usually so good at - self discipline. With smaller amounts of time to work with, I'm forced to be more regimented. I think if I had no children, or went to school 10 years ago, I would have used my large expanses of time less wisely. I would have stared at the words on the pages while thinking about .... I don't know. A cute boy?

    So I'm glad that things seem to be going well. Now I must focus on what classes to take next semester. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take Family Law, Evidence, Advanced Criminal Procedure, and the class I"m teaching (which takes up a lot of time, which is why I'm only taking 4 classes, which comes out to 14 credits).
    posted by Zuska @ 8:24 PM   0 comments
    Tuesday, July 05, 2005
    woe is me. i'm a bitch

    My girls left today for their dad's house in wisconsin. (see -- that's them!!) i miss them. already. they are cute, and they are funny, and they are smart, and they are thoughtful, and they are responsible, and they are good. and they are gone.

    and therefore, i am a BITCH!! god, i'm just insufferable. if you sit near me on the train, you will think i'm a bitch. if you pass me on the street, you will think i am a bitch. if you try to strike up a conversation with me about the cute-ness or intelligence of my children (as i'm on the way to the AIRPORT! to put them on a PLANE! b/c they are LEAVING!! for six WEEKS!!), i will be a bitch. to you.

    I am also very upset about Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation. I am scared. Really, I am afraid. I am also mad at her. I have seen so much reason in her decisions. So much ... thought. And I would have thought that her reason and her thoughtfulness would give her some sense that these are dangerous times, and theseare not times in which to resign. These are not times in which to hand very important things to very scary people. Especially b/c there are not very strong people to counteract the scary people. there are only weak people. "oh, if you don't wnat us to filibuster, we won't filibuster" people. damned weak people.

    posted by Zuska @ 11:49 PM   3 comments
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