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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    today, i was successful at dragging my lazy ass outside in 33 degree weather to go for a run. i always think that cold weather makes it harder to run, and often use it as an excuse. however, the last three days and a close examination of my past shows me that it is not true. cold weather is GOOD for me to run in. i like to run in cold weather. i lost my pregnancy weight running in cold weather, back in 1999/2000. i actually have a harder time in HOT weather.

    i was then successful at getting my MA driver's license. i almost hit a snag, b/c my social security card still shows the married name on it (but the maiden name is there, too, as a middle name, and this maiden name does not exist outside my very small family - there's no question that i'm the same person). i had my divorce judgment (which couples as proof of legal name change in CA, where the divorce happened), but they wouldn't even look at that. too bad, they said. but then a supervisor came over, looked at the window-meany-head-girl like she was stoooopid (she wasn't - she was just mean and bitter and hates her job and all the people who are forced to speak to her b/c it is her job) and told her that since my current (maiden) name comes up when she puts my social security number into the "system" - she needed to leave me alone and give me my damned license.


    i was then successful at getting the paperwork completed for my upper level writing requirement for school. it was something i wrote last fall, and the form required my signature, my professor's signature - and that's it. why i waited a year, i have no idea. but it's done now. i'm that much closer to graduating.

    i was NOT successful at getting to the social security office, b/c it was a good bit out of the way, and since i went for a run at 8:15 instead of 6:00, i was tighter on time than i planned.

    i was successful at getting my hairs cut. i won't call it "unsuccessful" to say that i did not color my hair. i really don't want to be "coloring my hair" - i wanted one little burst of auburn hair for the sake of the season. i don't want roots. i don't want to feel like i have to KEEP coloring my hair. my hair-person told me that considering all of that - i shouldn't color my hair. that reds fade fast, and not always to a pleasant color.

    she also said that my natural color is so beautiful and highlighted (naturally) and interesting, that i'd be a FOOL to cover it up.

    she loves me.

    who could blame her?

    i don't agree with her, but still, i appreciated her advice, and took it.

    the hair is short. probably 4 or 5 inches came off. i love it. it's good.

    i then went to my town hall, and e. was sitting on the floor in the lobby. what the hell? why was she there? there were lots of kids there from her after-school program. i knew she was starting this (optional) program on recycling, where they're volunteering to help out with the town's recycling program during her after-school time, but i thought it was at the library.

    i have never been to my town hall before.

    e. has never been to our town hall before.

    and yet, today, when i decide to go for the first time, she's there?

    it was soooooo weird. i felt like i was following her. but i was NOT.

    she saw my hair, and it was cute.

    when they were little, i used to wonder if changes in my hair would make it so they didn't recognize me. i thought about that again today. i wondered if when i go to pick up j., and her eyes hit the door way b/c a mom has entered, and she doesn't see the long hair, or the pony tail, will her eyes just go back to her book/game/friend? or will she know it's me anyway?

    well, when e. saw me, her eyes were on my eyes, and of COURSE she knew it was me. then came the shock, as her view of me widened. it was so cute. i just flipped my hair and walked away.

    b/c she was learning about recycling.

    i went there for the purpose of getting a passport with my proper name. b/c of the name change, and my passport being 5 years old, i basically have to apply for a new passport. i had everything with me that i needed except pictures. so i then went and had pictures taken.

    i was going to go right back, but i didn't have my checkbook ($67), and i don't know how to spell my mother's maiden name.

    it's a very hard maiden name. it's czechoslavakian. the question i always have is whether it's ending is -shick, -chick, or schick, or -shik, -chik, or schik. i have no idea. she gets mad every time i have to ask, too. angry. she will be angry with me tonight, b/c i plan on bringing this puppy in tomorrow a.m.

    then i came home and decided to confront a personal issue that has been making me very unhappy for a week or so, and it was hard, and emotionally draining, and it's not even over with.

    i am also in the process of making a roast. i think it's gonna be yummy.

    but now i have to go get j.

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    posted by Zuska @ 4:59 PM  
    • At Tuesday, November 21, 2006 7:08:00 PM, Blogger Butterflyfish said…

      Sounds productive. The hair thing struck a cord -- when I wear a ponytail, my son gets freaked out -- doens't recognize me. A ponytail is NOT flattering on me... i think its his way of reminding me of that.

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