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  • Thursday, November 16, 2006
    today kinda sucks
    i am working on my paper - truly. i just wrote an entire page about how when a country is imposing change from above, it cannot discount the culture and traditions that are in place, and if it does .... bad things will happen.

    see? i am writing.

    i'm also whining.

    FIRST of all, it's absolutely pouring outside. it was not supposed to do this until after 8 p.m. I saw it on the weather this a.m. i saw the sattelite. there were no green blobs over this part of the state until much later.

    therefore, i wore a plain old non-waterproof coat, and i left my umbrella hanging on the coat closet door knob.

    AND i decided to get off the train some ways from my school, and to walk the rest of the way, rather than transfering trains. since the train's underground, i didn't know it was raining.

    i got wet.

    i thought well, that's fine. i'll just get a cup of coffee, and that will make me cozy and warm, and i will resent this water coming from the sky just a wee bit less.


    my wallet was nowhere to be found in my beautiful yet cavernous bag. nowhere.

    it was home.

    with the umbrella, and the waterproof coat.

    so i'm trying to get the parts of this paper that require library time done, and then i will go back home. home sweet home. where there is food. and money. and all those things that you need in order to live.

    as soon as it stops raining.

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