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  • Monday, November 20, 2006
    my first day off
    today was mostly spent on the field trip.

    i know that i recently was begging for colder weather,

    but .... uh ....

    i could have appreciated it more if it came, oh, say, tomorrow?

    we went to this wolf sanctuary in far-off town in our state. we all sat outside, on this wooden deck, under an awning. the sun was not out. we just came off this stretch of 60 degree weather, and while almost everyone had on their warmest winter coat, and almost everyone had gloves .... we didn't have all the fixins, and we needed them. i wished i brought my beautiful wool indian scarf that beloved bought me last year. i was so cold. all the kids were so cold.

    but we all survived. and the kids all got to fake-howl, and they made the wolves howl, and it was cool.

    the bus driver we had was a bit of a trip. he got lost. several times. we crossed the charles river SIX TIMES today - 5 of them on the way there. we should have crossed ONCE. hello? how can you get paid to drive people around the state, and not know your way out of the city in which you LIVE? i mean, come ON. i guess considering the taxi drivers that i have been subject to, i should not be surprised. but i was. b/c my kid was in the very back seat, and i was in the third seat from the front, and this guy's ignorance made it entirely possible that we would be separated .... permanently.

    we did return safely to the school, and the kids went back to school, and i went home "to go for a run" and instead, i fell asleep on the couch.

    but then i went for a fun walk into town to buy a bunch of bottles of wine and such for the holiday.

    and then i picked up the kids.

    really, i had so little responsibility today - it felt great. i was a rider on the bus. the kids were the focus, and i was just there to keep people from getting hurt and/or lost.

    tomorrow (day off #2 -- let's see how much i accomplish)

    1) go for a run
    2) go get my driver's license
    3) go to social security office to change my name (i.e., erase married name)
    4) go to school to submit my writing requirement
    5) go to town hall in my town to apply for new passport b/c of stupid old married name and me wanting to get married in Canada in approx 2 months;
    6) go get my hair CHOPPED OFF
    7) go home and cook a roast
    8) pick up kids
    9) finish the damned roast
    10) eat with the fam
    11) make muffins with the kidlets
    12) sleep? maybe? hopefully?

    This is a day OFF??

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    posted by Zuska @ 8:13 PM  
    • At Tuesday, November 21, 2006 12:36:00 PM, Blogger Lyco said…

      Oh ugh. I'm dealing with a name change. Do you not have to take your divorce decree to the court and then do the madness with the publications? It's been hell for me. Or have you already done that and now you're just to the SS office stuff? Ack. I can't believe there's more AFTER I get the name change decree. Anyway, good luck!!

      Oh, and YAY on the hair!

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