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  • Sunday, November 19, 2006
    ducks in a row
    i just scoured the house for all the pieces i need for my first errand on Tuesday --- getting my MA driver's license.

    this is just evidence that i am the Queen Procrastinator. i moved to MA over 2 years ago, and still have not gotten my license, despite the fact that, at times, it has caused me a little bit of inconvenience.

    so why now? b/c my driver's license expires on my birthday this year. which is in, ohhhh, 2.1 weeks, or something like that. and i start work next monday, so i have to do it this week.

    things get complicated for me, though, when i have to do this kind of thing. b/c i am the Queen Procrastinator, i have not updated all my crap from the name-change associated with my divorce. why couldn't i have been this kind of procrastinator back when i got married? and never changed things over then? i have no idea.

    but my passport and social security card still sport my ex-married name. which means i need to bring my birth certificate, and i need to bring my divorce judgment, and i need to bring all this other CRAP just to prove who i am. it wouldn't be this hard if i were organized and timely.

    but i'm not.

    and of course, none of these things are in places where i can find them. i thought i put my birth certificate in my filing cabinet, but there are no labels on the files, so how am i supposed to know where it is? i searched the whole damned thing, and didn't find it. so i looked through my box of "things to be filed" (in the files with no labels) and it still wasn't there. so i looked through my 'everything drawer' and my 'everything shelf' (i.e., junk drawer; crap pile), still nothing.

    then i went to find my current lease, for purposes of proving residency, and right there in the front-most file, i find my birth certificate.


    but now i have everything. everything i could possibly need.

    and on tuesday morning, i will grab my things, get on the train, go to downtown boston, and get me a new driver's license. finally.

    i should probably check into where the social security office is, too, and go in there with my divorce papers, so i can get a new card, and then shortly get a new passport ....

    i think i need one to go to Canada now, don't i? and i want to get married in canada on 2/2.

    no more procrastinating!

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    posted by Zuska @ 10:03 PM  
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