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  • Tuesday, December 05, 2006
    Birthdays? Check.
    Beloved and I are older now. Our kids made us adorable cards.

    e. made me a card that almost made a tear come out.

    Ever since she was a baby (just home from the hospital), I sang "you are my sunshine" to her. I remember my grandmother singing it a lot, when I was young. It was "officially" my grandmother's song for my sister - sis was her Sunshine, and I was the Apple of Her Eye. But Sunshine is a better song.

    I remember being up late at night with my night-owl baby, trying desperately to get her to sleep. I'd sing the song progressively slower, hoping that by the time each syllable was 30 seconds long, she'd be asleep. Although I don't know what I was thinking ... who can sleep through my atrocious singing?

    That song never went away, though. Even this year, when e. is too wired to sleep, she'll ask that I sing it for her. Since she's 10, and I know that the days where she asks me to sing to her are almost over, I have no problem doing so.

    On my card, the following is written (my girls don't buy cards, they make cards):

    Dear Mommy:

    You are my mommy,
    My only mommy,
    You make me happy,
    when skies are gray,
    You'll never know, mom,
    How much I love you,
    Please don't take my Mommy away.

    [and then there's a stamp of a sunshine]

    The "imprint" on the card? "E[.] loves her mom and [Beloved], Inc."

    It was sweet.

    Julez's card:

    To: The fabulous
    polite (only sometimes)
    Not Mean
    [insert funky arrow pointing back to the top which I did not fully understand]
    the fabulous
    polite (only sometimes)
    not mean
    p.s. Thanks for all your hard work to give us clothing and warmth.

    Her "imprint": "J., Ink of Niceness (copywright) there always nice and cheery!!"

    Sweet girls. Their cards for Beloved were no less sweet and loving. Perhaps j.'s was slightly less narcissistic ;)

    Beloved is snoozin' on the other couch with his Pod in ears, happy to have one again. I think he liked his gifts. We kind of tricked him, making him think he was having a purely practical bday - we wrapped the pod into a shirt, and it was the last thing he opened.

    Now our birthdays are over, and we can move on.

    Move on to Solstice, for which I must start making gifts for!! Crap!!

    Our tree is going up this weekend, and I want lights on our window that faces the street. I love holiday lights. I love the glow they put in the house. Hopefully the decorating will be fun and not stressful.

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