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  • Monday, December 04, 2006
    I am feeling generally unhappy and lonely today. I am fairly certain that it only relates to my present employment, and not life in general. Today is the start of the second week, and I'm working (too much) on my last existing project, and then I once again have NOTHING on my plate. I know that when a business takes on co-op students, the permanent employees do not bother to get to know us too much, b/c they know we're gone soon. But I do feel quite isolated.

    E. and I worked to create a list of things she can do to mitigate the issue with this boy at school. It has not gone away, and the reports I've gotten from her thus far have not made me happy with her behavior. Mostly - she's being a tattle-tale. And once the tensions are already high, and all of the supervising adults are aware of this, her behavior is being scrutinized. I don't want her to appear to be the only problem because she is constantly providing reports to the authorities about this boy's behavior. One item on the list was, therefore, that she is only to tell on him if he hits HER with his HANDS. If he throws a ball in someone else's face, she needs to let that someone else deal with the problems.

    I think it is hard for her, and I think she has been sent mixed messages. She participated in a play earlier in this year that was all about sticking up for your friends against "bullies," getting teachers involved to solve problems, and generally "being a good citizen" by not just standing by while others are treated badly. I believe that by her increased tattling, she thinks she is doing this - and is she? I do not know. It's a subtlety that may come natural to some, but clearly isn't to her.

    My brother called me today to wish me a happy birthday (which reminds me, I need to change my little bio to reflect my new age - 34 today), and apologized to me for talking negatively about the ex in front of the kids. He said he didn't think they'd pick up on it (they pick up on everything ... well, except for the line between being a good citizen and being a tattle-tale), and that he really didn't consider that aspect of the situation. He said he'll never do it again. He was very respectful and mature about it. I thanked him for bringing it up, and for his efforts in not letting it happen again.

    I need to go and buy wrapping paper for Beloved's gifts for his birthday tomorrow. He will be turning 45. It rarely feels like we're 11 years apart in age. It usually just feels like I love him and he loves me :)

    I'm doing some research on landlord liability for a retail tenants' sale of counterfeit goods. It's kinda fun.
    posted by Zuska @ 12:17 PM  
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