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  • Sunday, December 03, 2006
    utter and total chaos
    My parents slept here last night, and the ex was supposed to come at noon to pick the girls up. At around 11, things went from being a relatively mellow time of eating breakfast and chatting to UTTER CHAOS.

    We watched a DVD of j.'s last play, and it was too loud, and I came out of the shower to everyone shouting different instructions/requests at me, and that was just the beginning of the end.

    I felt like if I could only hold things together until noon when the ex was due to show, it would be okay - the girls would go, my parents would follow shortly after, and I would have 3 hours to chill before heading to the play.

    But the ex called that he was "all turned around" and didn't know where he was. So I had to look up his location on the map, and head him toward the right town. He called at least 3 more times after that to get the next step of instructions.

    When the girls are waiting like that, they don't do well. They were hungry, they were impatient, and they were WIRED.

    My dad chose that moment to hand them CANDY BARS. Ugh. I told them they could not eat them, because they were on their way to lunch with their dad. j. argued with me, which she's prone to do lately (her one flaw ... well, other than inciting her sister), and I, in my reduced patience state, "spoke using strong words":

    Do not argue with me. We have been talking about this for weeks. I did not tell you that you can't have the candy bar just because I felt like it, and all the begging in the world is not going to change my mind. You are on the way to LUNCH. You may not eat the candy bar before lunch. If you would like, you can take it with you and eat it after lunch, but you are NOT eating it now, and if you continue to argue with me, I will take it away, and you will NEVER eat it.

    She acted as if I killed her puppy. She pouted and "froze up" - wouldn't look at me, wouldn't talk to me, wouldn't acknowledge my existence. I think she was just embarassed that I 'reprimanded' her in front of my parents - but I was not mean to her, and I was RIGHT. So there.

    Finally, the ex showed up. I was able to usher my little angels out the door.

    Thank God.

    My parents left shortly after, and I had about an hour and a half to sit and watch football (Patriots are winning by a hair), and now it's just about time to head back out to today's performance. We also have plans to go to dinner with friends after.

    I think I don't feel so well, or something. I feel so "off" and I can't imagine enjoying dinner out. Perhaps the walk to the play will help clear my head, and all will be well by the time the play starts.

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