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  • Thursday, November 09, 2006
    a breakthrough deserves a break
    i'm home today, working on my brief and my argument for tomorrow. my brief is not technically due until Monday, but i need my weekend for tax. ugh. tax.

    my brief has not been going so well. i really hate this class (appellate advocacy), and it's been hard to give it my all. we had a draft due 3 weeks ago, and i gave it 1/10th of my all, and the professor gushed all over it as if it were the best thing he'd ever seen, so now it's hard to even give it 1/10th of my all.

    one problem is that he basically laid out our argument for us ... and it didn't make sense to me. he handed us supporting cases, and the appropriate law to apply. this makes it boring for me. i am not really a huge fan of legal writing, but when it's a vehicle to make an argument, i can do it well. but now i feel like i'm just filling in blanks, and going through the motions, b/c i'm not doing my own research really.

    i also think that the 1/2 the case he gave me are woefully inapplicable. woefully.

    so, i've reorganized the issues, and now it makes sense to me. i added my own argument, which i think is deserving of its own pointheading, and he thought was just a supporting argument to one of HIS point-headings, and i'm changing it.

    that makes me feel like this thing makes sense now, and so i'm happy.

    i don't think it will hurt me in the end that i'm not following his model. my model is really only a slight variation.

    and it makes it so that i can write this brief at all, so ....

    break's over.

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