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  • Tuesday, November 07, 2006
    booby update
    well, she didn't tell me i was a crazy hypochondriac and send me home. she found something - a little lump-like thing that she said feels like a cyst, and that she is NOT concerned, but is sending me to the breast clinic for an ultrasound.

    i don't feel worried or upset. so i think all will be well.

    unless my worried/upset meter is not calibrated correctly, and I only get worried and/or upset when there is NOTHING to worry about, and when something truly is wrong, my head goes into the clouds.

    when i was giving birth to e., there were some minor complications. i call them minor b/c they resulted in nothing threatening - but i was bleeding profusely after she popped out, and she had the cord wrapped twice around her neck and was experiencing some trauma.

    the doctor, my mother, and my ex were all frantic. i was lying on the table (no drugs, mind you, so that doesn't explain it) smiling at the nurses, asking how the baby was, singing songs, etc. Meanwhile, the doctor's trying to stop me from hemorrhaging and the ex was about to pass out from all the blood, and my mom (a nurse) was doing a very professional job at keeping calm.
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