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  • Wednesday, November 08, 2006
    I don't know what to talk about first!!!!
    The Republicans finally being given the finger they have oh-so deserved?


    or that i have a brief due and an argument to make, and instead of working like mad on it, i'm convincing myself it's not that big of a deal and i can whip something up last minute without a problem?

    i need to get to work.

    or that Britney and that ick-thing broke up. Or, that those ick-things broke up. that poor girl needs to get grounded. geez.

    i am still upset about my boob. i am trying to coordinate with my doctor and the referral person i have to go see at a clinic just for boobies, and it's not going so well. 3-way telephone tag is not a fun sport. haven't these people ever heard of "e-mail" and the cute little "cc" option. geez.

    I really shouldn't complain too much - my school switched to a new health system this year, and the improvement has thus far been amazing. they no long make appointments for more than a week in advance. toward the end of my first year, i tried to make an appointment for a pap smear (b/c at that point, i hadn't had one in like 3 years ... now it's 5), and they gave me a date in like, August. It was April. I walked out, irritated.

    Yesterday I tried to make an appointment for a pap smear, and she was trying to insist I come in TOMORROW. Not do-able, but I'll call next week to make the appointment for my week off (Thanksgiving week) - which I will also be using to get an MA driver's license (finally), to get a hair cut (SHORT) and perhaps color, and to drive my kids to meet the ex for the holiday.

    Fun week (ha). And it gets followed up with starting a new job.

    i don't want to start a new job. i don't want to meet new people and learn new office systems and work on projects for 12 more weeks. I will be grateful for the resulting $12,000, but still. I want to read a novel. all day long. and i can't do it on my week off b/c of the hair coloring and the driving and the papping.

    i'm off to write my brief.

    I will write my brief. right now. right after i finish my salad.
    posted by Zuska @ 12:56 PM  
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