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  • Tuesday, November 07, 2006
    i voted!!
    I sure do live in a blue state. there were at least 3 positions where democrats were running unopposed, and 3 more where only a green/rainbow candidate opposed the democrat. ha! for the state auditor, someone from the "working families" party was running. i voted for him. i don't know his name.

    i voted for Deval Patrick for Governor, which was our main race in MA this year. i really like the way he's conducted himself from the start. last winter he was a no-name person running in the democratic primary against one big money person and one member of the establishment. he was the "progressive" candidate who seemed like an underdog. but he soundly won the primaries, and now seems as if he's going to soundly win the race.

    his opposition is Kerry Healy, the current Lt. Governor. oddly, i found myself defending her to beloved on our way home from our polling place. he had said that on the news this a.m., they mentioned that Kerry Healy had been in office for 4 years, and accomplished nothing. i don't think that's fair. a lt. governor can't take charge - they get what power the governor gives them.

    and i remember one time when Kerry Healy impressed me. our legislature passed a bill to allow the sale of either the morning after pill or the RU486 pill ... i don't remember the details. but Mitt (the governor) was out of town, so Healy was going to sign the bill. she knew that Mitt wouldn't have signed it if he were in town, but he wasn't, and it was hers to sign with him out of town. He flew back into town so he could veto it.

    I was impressed by her with that.

    But yet when she was an official candidate, Planned Parenthood and its cohorts gave her a questionnaire to fill out re: her position on women's issues, and she refused to fill it out. so her points were taken away in my book.
    posted by Zuska @ 10:11 AM  
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