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  • Thursday, March 08, 2007
    A Forced Lull
    I had my last class of the week this morning (Thursday). I was not able to complete all the reading, and didn't feel prepared. That resulted in my being too quiet for a seminar class, and I wasn't proud of that. Which means I need to get crackin' with the reading - I need to be ahead in something so that I can use the time between classes to be caught up with everything else.

    Which is why I spent 1.5 hours sitting on a couch in the library this morning, reading a novel. Huh?

    Book group is tonight.

    Yet another example of how I wasted my week off last week. WHY didn't I read this book when I was off? Well, because I was reading another book, which was pretty long, and I knew this book (for book group) was short. Very short - I read it in an hour and a half.

    I tried to do some reading for Int'l Law after, and was semi-successful, but then while deciding to read over lunch, I ran into some classmates instead, and spent 40 minutes chatting and eating instead of reading and eating.

    And I wonder why I'm so overwhelmed?

    I am helping out with play practice again today, and then am bringing my kids plus one out for pizza, and then will have, what? an hour? of downtime at home before heading out to book group.

    Stupid Lent and Stupid No Wine. The various hostesses always serve wine. I have really had no problem sticking to my resolution to be alcohol-free for 6 weeks, but if it's being served and everyone else is partaking ... I just may take a night off.

    Or not.

    Either way -- I have no school books at home. There is no school in the remainder of this day. In the morning, I will leave the house with the girls and head off to school. First to the gym, and then to the library to (hopefully) read all day.

    Back to class this morning ... I am not really sure why, but I'm feeling very unsure of myself this quarter. I am scared of being called on again! Like a first year. I am not sure why this is. It may have something to do with my head not being completely in the game, but I don't know. I keep hoping that I can catch up with my reading, and that will help to boost my confidence so that I can participate more, and not feel like a stupid bump on a log, which is how I feel in all of my classes.

    Tomorrow I will work in earnest (not that I haven't been all week), and perhaps I'll just have to break down and bring work home to read over the weekend (in between my parents coming for the day on Saturday, E's spelling bee on Sunday morning, and the Sunday evening play we're going to -- I'm sure that will go well).

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