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  • Monday, March 05, 2007
    Oh yeah, this place.
    It's odd how despite all the transitions that come with the co-op system, I always come back to school feeling like I never left. Old patterns just slip right back into place, my favorite cubby is waiting, the man at the library counter is smiling and joking, and the bookstore still loves to take my money.

    Classes are thus far going well. I am going to stick with both Int'l Law and Intellectual Property (IP). Int'l is more interesting than I thought it would be: since my prof. is an ex BigLaw dude, I thought we'd be doing international business law - which I thought would be useful and potentially interesting. Not so, though. We're doing international law, as in - the interaction between sovereigns, the accountability brought (or not) with ratification of treaties, and some of the theory that underlies the debates, domestic and world-wide. There's a unit on human rights; a unit on international criminal law, and really zero on business law. Not only did I find the intro fascinating, but I found it to nicely tack on to where I left of in comparative law, where we talked much about nation building and the influence that international law -- or, rather, the international community and the systems It sanctions -- impact reforms (China) and restructures (Afghanistan, Iraq).

    So it's not business-rich, which is fine. Perhaps even better, and more exciting.

    IP is with the same professor I had for 1L property - and I loved her. She's more theoretical than most around here, and I found it refreshing when I had her for Property. It took some getting used to - her style and expectations - but I did get used to it, and I did do well. She warned us that this class is very hard - "the hardest 3 credit course" offered. It was on her list of reasons why not to take the class.

    I'm taking it.

    I'm on my way to Securities Regulations as soon as I finish this post. This post that I'm writing instead of doing the 43 pages of reading that I have left. Out of 50. But, seriously, I just bought my books, like, an hour ago. Or less. And we always get a pass on "shopping week" - so I'm taking that pass.

    I am bringing my Security/Liberty book home to read tonight - hopefully the last time I will bring school stuff home this quarter. Again, it's b/c I just bought the book (although, as it turns out, 80% of the materials are on line, and there are only 14 novel-style pages assigned in the book, but whatever, I like my excuses, so leave me alone).

    In other petty start-of-the-quarter news: I got a good locker, right on the end, which means I only have one neighbor to get in my way; I picked a fun new font for this quarter's notes; and I decided to try a new organization system for classes - I bought an expandable folder, so I can plop all the crap my professors hand out in the same thing, which can live in my cavernous tote bag, and I will never accidentally grab the wrong folder.

    I had some not-so-petty news ....

    My securities class was originally scheduled to run from 5 to 6:30 p.m. I wasn't too thrilled by this, because it edges into my evening with the famberly, but I figured it could be worse (i.e., 7:30, or 8:30, which I've had in the past). I would still be home by 7 (once I'm back on the bike), and we rarely eat before then anyway.

    Last night, as I went to double check my schedule and see where my classes were being held, I just so happened to see that they changed it --- it's now from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Which really sucks. I'm not riding the bike now, so it will take me considerable time to get home (perhaps an hour), and I will most definitely miss dinner with the kids. Beloved will wait for me, but still.

    And in the past when I had late classes, it was once a week. This one's twice. Ptooey.

    On a final and thankfully positive note --- books were only $408, rather than $500.

    That is all.

    Oh, except that I find it surprisingly good to be back, and I thankfully am finding my old enthusiasm for the beginning of classes.


    posted by Zuska @ 4:58 PM  
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