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  • Sunday, February 25, 2007
    Famberly Back Together
    Sigh. The girls are home. The world is normal again.

    Beloved and I had a fine ride to my parents' yesterday, and the ex was even a little early. Therefore, we were able to get on the road toward home even earlier. The girls were in great spirits, starving for vegetables (as usual after eating nothing but noodles while at their dad's), and a wee hyper. The drive home was also without incident.

    Two bad things happened:
    • We decided to go shopping for some things around the house, and had picked out waht we wanted on line --- excited to find just what we wanted (frames for wall hangings) and drove there special to purchase the perfect items. We got there, and of course, they were sold out. Beloved was quite bummed.
    • While parking the zipcar in a non-spot which still counts as off the street (there's no on-street overnight parking in my town), we got too close to a tree, and it dented the fender on the car. We are on zipcar's insurance, but it has a $500 deductible. I looked at their website, and it said that we have to pay for up to $500 of planned, presumed, or estimated costs - regardless of whether a claim is filed. So they really could look at that and just pick a number any number under $500 -- regardless of what it actually costs to fix? The paint isn't scratched or damaged, and I think it can be just pulled out with one of those suction dent-puller things. I hope it doesn't end up costing $500. (Since I just got my last paycheck until September or October.)
    Today I spent some 1:1 time with each girl in turn. J. and I went for a walk to get some moisturizing body wash for the girls (they hate using my bar soap) and some of "her kind" of shampoo (they have different preferences). We stopped at 2 open houses, at Starbucks for hot cocoa and coffee, and otherwise wandered around a couple of neighborhoods for a little while. She was a lot of fun. More on the open houses to follow.

    E. and I went to Target to get her more undergarments, and somehow spent $114. On what? I have no freaking clue. We got paper towels, napkins, toothbrushes, Organic Frosted Mini Wheats (for her), under garments for each of us, watches for the girls (but they were $12 each) --- oh, and things to hold E.'s short hair out of her eyes. Does that really sound like $114?

    When I returned the Zipcar after the Target Run, I was doing the usual sweep for trash and personal belongings, and I found some headphones under hte passenger seat. When I pulled them out to put in the glove box, I found that they were attached to an iPod Nano. So I had TWO things to report to Zipcar.

    We are happy that they're back home.

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