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  • Friday, February 23, 2007
    Countdown: 30 minutes
    My last hour of work is spent in my office, frantically sending myself 30+ documents of work I've completed (who knows if it's anything I'll ever use again, or if I'll even be proud of it when I look at it again), and deleting my personal and non-work related e-mails and voice mails. I almost forgot to enter my time from the last 2 weeks. Oops.

    The firm is 2 doors down having a "wine and cheese party." I got some cheese, and some coconut shrimp, and a skewer of some kind of spicy chicken. I did NOT get wine - b/c of the whole "giving something up for 40 days will make me a better person" ridiculousness that I somehow allowed myself to get swept along into. Whatever.

    I've said bye to those I've worked closest with. I've given the firm feedback; they told me they loved me and thought I was just great (ha, I bet they say that to all their law clerks). I had lunch with an associate, and that was nice - kind of funny how I felt so much more at home in a place where I ran downstairs to the Au Bon Pain for soup at some point between 12 and 2 than I did at summer firm, where I was wined and dined almost daily. Today was my first experience back at a fancy-pants lunch place with a lawyer from a firm since ... August. Fortunately, I can still eat like a human.

    I've gotten more warnings about the insane hours I will be facing down at Future Firm than I care to count, but by the end I was ready to come back (respectfully, of course) with a recitation of the hours that people HERE work. I mean, seriously. No one here is 9-5. No. One. And I'm guessing they make .... 50% of what people at Future Firm make at a comparable stage in their career --- that # is gleaned from conversations with people who left large firms and landed here - I did not pull it out of my butt.

    I got some bar exam advice: don't take Trusts & Estates; do take PMBR. okeedokee then.

    Well, it's almost time to go pick up the zipcar. This is my last blog post from work! OR at least, this work.


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