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  • Saturday, February 24, 2007
    anxiety, already?
    I had a bad dream this morning. I dreamed that Future Firm sent me an e-mail that they wanted to have me work in their Connecticut office (in real life, they don't have a Connecticut office). I felt that I could just tell them no, but Beloved and I talked about it and thought "huh, we could get a house cheaper in Connecticut" but then I had the -dingdingding- of "oh, the girls would have to move and switch schools!" and I got up and walked into the office of the person who sent the e-mail (apparently, this office was attached to my mother's living room, where were discussing where in Connecticut to live). I told them, "you know, this won't really work for me, my kids are in school here, and I pretty much need to be here, like we previously agreed to." And they (administrators, not lawyers) told me - too bad, so sad.

    So I started to cry. And they basically offered me $10,000 to just go away (not because I was crying, but because I wasn't agreeing to the reassignment) - that they were SURE I could find a job elsewhere. So I cried more, and started blathering on about offer and acceptance - and they said no, the offer and acceptance was to work for the FIRM, not in the city. I told them they were wrong, and I knew they were wrong, because people who had yet to decide on their city had the same deadline to make that decision as they did to accept the offer (or some such nonsense - it was a dream).

    Eventually, the partner who actually offered me the job came into the room, and asked what was going on. I explained to her that I can't move to Connecticut. She rolled her eyes, went to her office, got her notes from our offer meeting, handed them to the administrators and said, "she's right - our agreement was that she would work here, now let it go."

    And I woke up. Relieved to remember - there is no Connecticut office.

    Insecure much?


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