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  • Thursday, February 22, 2007
    Grey's Anatomy - why so many commercials?
    I felt like it was - line of dialogue - commercial - line of dialogue - commercial - line of dialogue - commercial.

    For an hour.

    I suppose meredith "choosing life" was the most likely path for the show to take. I didn't understand the chaos of the after-life weighing station. Why were those people stuck there?

    I cried when her mom came and told her she is NOT ordinary, and they had a real hug.

    And Christina, I think, stole the show. Her crying was more important than almost anything else that happened on the show.

    I still think Izzy's a freak.

    The end. I have nothing else to say about that show. The build up was soooo much, and the climax so drawn out that I just feel like I spent an hour waiting for something that I knew was coming. Frus-tra-ting.

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    posted by Zuska @ 10:00 PM  
    • At Friday, February 23, 2007 8:26:00 AM, Blogger LawSchoolMom said…

      Madhubby and I are already frustrated with this show and we have only watched three episodes. To have Meredith live and not suffer any significant brain damage is just too far beyond the realm of ridiculousness for us. And, Izzie? Eh. She's pretty annoying.

      I did love the symbolism of the scene with Meredith and Ellis. Plus, I was sad that Ellis died? Is that wrong? I don't know because I have only seen three shows, so I'm not a GA expert.

      We have to drop one show, though (we are watching insane amounts of tv these days). It's down to 'Lost' and 'Grey's Anatomy.' Probably gonna be 'Grey's,' since we've been Lost fans since the beginning through the good and (now) quite sucky times.

    • At Friday, February 23, 2007 9:07:00 AM, Blogger Zuska said…

      I wasn't sad that Ellis died - she was suffering from Alzheimer's, and in past episodes, when she was in her home, it was really hard on everyone. Including her. When she had a moment of lucidity and realized what was happening to her - I was very sad for her.

      I can't give up Grey's. I like it too much. I'm probably closer to giving up Lost, or 24. But I likely won't give them up, either.

      Although ... all this t.v. watching while I'm working (on co-op) is something I'm not proud of, and I wonder if I should stop -- once I get back to school (next Monday), I may not have a choice. I may just give them all up so I don't fail out of school and lose my job and fail the bar and and and ....

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