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  • Friday, February 23, 2007
    Weekend Plans
    Tomorrow we have to head back to my parents' house as the meeting point with the ex to get my girly-q's back. E. called me last night and left a message that I should call her back later, but it had to be way later, because they were going to a movie, so either later-later, or really soon, like in a minute. [that's really what she said.] She left a message because when she called, I was watching (blech) Notes on a Scandal. I called her back "way later" but didn't get a call back. I hate that I always have to just cross my fingers that their father tells them that I called. I think it's important to them that I do respond, and I do follow through, and that I am always here for them. I think they notice.

    Since we're heading back to the parents' house, we had to get a Zipcar. The trip is approximately 120 miles each way, and we get 125 with each 24 hour reservation - beyond that, we're charged extra. I do not know the exact charge per mile, but it does turn out to be MORE expensive than just getting the car for a second day.

    I'm picking up the car at 6 p.m. tonight. We flirted with driving to a Mexican restaurant (Beloved's craving) in Salem, but since Babel is still sitting on the t.v., we didn't want to spend the whole night driving. We're going to a closer Mexican restaurant (with my favorite -- mole sauce) which sort of requires a car ... sort of. Either a car, or lots of T transfers. I hate switching trains. HATE HATE HATE HATE. Because I hate waiting. Because I'm impatient. It is probably closely tied with the whole transitions and countdowns issue - but whatever.

    A friend of mine is stopping by early tomorrow a.m. to drop off a book I lent her, and then Beloved is going grocery shopping. I am contemplating tagging along, since I rarely get to (and we have a car, so it doesn't mean I have to ride a bike uphill in the freezing cold like he usually does).

    We shall then trudge along to my parents' house. We'll probably get there around 4, and I may do a wee bit of laundry while we wait for the ex to show up, and then we'll eat with my parents, and drive home tomorrow night.

    I don't want to sleep there and drive home on Sunday. We were just there last weekend, and I like my home, and I want to be at my home, and the girls haven't been at their home in over a week, and I think they should wake up at HOME at least one time before they have to be slapped upside the head with the morning school routine.

    AND Sunday's the Oscars. I want to enjoy that. I don't want to be driving home and grouchy.

    AND. It may snow on Sunday/Monday.

    I need to think of some good Oscars food. I want to do an artichoke/spinach dip, I think. E. wants sopapillas for dessert. I think we're gonna need more than that.


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