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  • Tuesday, January 09, 2007
    I am not an interesting person
    Seriously, I have NOTHING to say. I could talk to a little bit about evidence, and some of the issues surrounding excessive force claims by prisoners - what is often seen as relevant, what is not. What is seen as prejudicial, what is not - but really, it all depends on the trial judge's discretion, so ... i don't even have much to say there.

    Would you like to know a wee bit about the new regulations in my state pertaining to wastewater, and how it applies to the biotech field? I hope not, b/c I haven't been able to make heads or tails of that yet. It's not written in English, that much I can tell you.

    How about a list of every single state and federal statute and regulation that may apply to stored value cards? I'm about to see if that list is in any way diminished or extended when the little word "non-profit" is thrown into the mix. Curious? Either am I.

    I can tell you that my state tends to enforce both choice of law AND forum selection clauses, unless the judge doesn't want to (i.e., it's "against public policy" or "unreasonable or unjust," which anyone who's been through Contracts knows means "the judge can do whatever he wants.")

    I also can tell you a wee bit about fatty tumors. Just don't expect a lot of medical lingo from me, b/c I don't understand that part AND I can't get the full text article without paying for it, which I'm not sure the firm wants to do. I just know that they MAY occur because of genetics, and they MAY occur as a result of an injury, or even, some contend, can be caused by some anti-inflammatory medications - although really, I've only seen one story where that happened, and that was on a discussion board.

    Really, not that interesting. Busy, and relatively happy. But not interesting.


    posted by Zuska @ 9:38 AM  
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