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  • Thursday, January 04, 2007
    top of the mornin'
    I arrived at work today to a flurry of e-mails and things to do RIGHT AWAY. So my recent routine of blogging from work before I get the sleepies out of my system was broken.

    I sent e. off to school with 2 quarters so she can call me from the pay phone after her audition. I'm so excited for her, it isn't normal.

    I spoke to my brother and his wife last night - she had her big ultrasound yesterday, and they most definitely saw a Penis. So I will have another nephew, and I will continue to be the sole holder of girl grandbabies for my parents. My sister-in-law was shocked, as she really thought she'd be having a girl. She asked me if I had any "feelings" when I was pregnant - and the answer was honestly - No. I wanted boys both times. I thought having my oldest child as a boy would be cool. e. is not a boy, and once I knew that, I was more than thrilled to have a girl. Then I HAD a girl, so upon impregnation with j., I hoped she was a boy. Nope. Again, once I knew, I was more than fine with it.

    I think I was too busy puking in the first part of the pregnancy to feel anything about either baby. All I could FEEL was the churning stomach acids ... 24 hours a day. Ugh.

    Now they have to fight over names. I asked my brother if he was going to "pull a dad" - which means that after having a name chosen for months on end, crying and pleading in the delivery room to his wife to PLEASE allow the baby to be given his name? He said no, he won't. But that he was considering something like "Trip." (My brother is not a true "junior" as he and my dad have different middle names.) Although now that I think of it, if they aren't giving him the same first name (David), how can he be a Trip or Trey? huh. He's not the third male ... b/c, uh, my dad had a dad. So did his dad. Maybe it's just my brother's way of calling his kid "Junior." I don't know.

    Anyway - he was considering Trip, but decided it would be nothing but fodder for jokes. I told him - so name him something Normal, and then call him whatever you want until he says, "Dad, shut up, my name is [something normal]. I think the chances of my brother choosing "something normal" are slim. He said he wants something that will really stand out when said by the announcers at football games.

    Other than the Penis, the baby is perfectly healthy and developing wonderfully. My brother was over 10 pounds when he was born ... he is 6'5" and a lot of pounds now. His wife is 5'2" and I think before she got pregnant, she was likely at around 100 pounds. So I hope for her that her son is not too much like his father size-wise at birth.

    I am surprised by my excitement over this baby. My brother more than gets on my nerves, but yet - this is fun. Maybe b/c my own "babies" are far enough behind me now, and I'm confident enough that no more will be popping out of MY uterus, that I can enjoy this in a new way. New, b/c it isn't, "oh, I wonder if *I* want to do that again?" or even the older thoughts of, "I can't wait until it's MY turn to have a baby." None of my excitement has to do with my hopes or jealousies or curiosities.

    It's practice for when I'm getting ready to be a grandma.

    Oh geez. I can't believe I just said that. I have to go do some work now.


    posted by Zuska @ 9:12 AM  
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