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  • Tuesday, January 02, 2007
    Great Start to the Second Day
    I was very happily surprised to have slept great last night. I never sleep great on the last night of a weekend, let alone a vacation!! But I had a solid 5 hours of sleep, without interruption or disruption. I think part of it is that I'm sleeping with earplugs in lately. Beloved snores, and when I am stressed and my sleep is thin, I am awake a lot b/c of it, and we argue. I eventually decided that it wasn't worth it, and that I wasn't willing to keep on storming out to the couch, or shoving him until HE stormed out to the couch, and put in ear plugs. It drowns out a LOT of noise ... I can hear my heart beat. If the girls come in, or yell from their room, I can hear them (unfortunately, I have had cause to test that, with e. and her REFUSAL TO SLEEP which causes yelling and crying from her bed at times, which ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME .... deep breaths, deep breaths, Zuska).

    Anyway, I think I sleep better in general, not just related to the reduction of snoring in my ear drums.

    AND - the girls were so good and quick-moving and organized this morning. Despite e.'s trials and tribulations around going to SLEEP last night, she woke up chipper and bright. She dreamed that we were all playing a game, and she woke up excited that she had a new game invention. I woke j. up in a goofy fashion, and then the kitten spent a while attacking the tie to her sweater, which is cute and unusual behavior for our kitten, and put j. in a good mood.

    Peaceful mornings are a thing of beauty.

    THEN!! I got to work. I have at least 4 projects to work on right in the door, and they're relatively enjoyable projects, and I like having stuff to do.

    But the better part of it is that the office manager came in to talk to me about time entry, and I told her of my concern that I was "accidentally" paid for Christmas week, and she informed me that there was no accident - they pay me. I got paid!! Yippee!!!

    I'm sure part of all of my good mood comes from the fact that I woke at 5 and went running, and now all the good chemical juices are flowing through my veins. I also still feel like I'm losing weight - despite the holidays and the stupid f'ing lying scale. My pants are looser, and I feel good.

    Tonight - I go out to dinner with a new friend, after picking up the girls and taking them home. Then I must rush home and attempt to read more of American Pastoral.


    posted by Zuska @ 9:30 AM  
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