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  • Wednesday, December 06, 2006
    stressing over whether or not i am stressed
    Today is that appointment of mine. I was concerned that a project that I had due "by this afternoon" was not going to get done in time, and it was going to be a problem. So I came into work early, sat down (with tea in hand) at 8:20, and promptly was forced to answer my ringing phone and then go downstairs to receive another assignment. When I returned to my desk and started some preliminary research, I quickly realized that this project of mine was NOT going to be a problem. I e-mailed it to the appropriate person by 10:15.

    I am slowly plodding through the only other thing I have to work on - but since it appears to be a 2 hour project and I have 3 days, I'm goofing off, too.

    I realize that while I'm nervous about the timing of catching the train and leaving work and wondering if someone is going to call me at 12:20 (I am leaving at 12:30) insisting they have a RUSH that I must do RIGHT NOW, I'm not that nervous about the appointment itself.

    Then I thought -- you know what? I get less nervous lately. I am not sure why, but I think I do. Exams felt like no big deal to me this quarter, the impending MPRE score, I guess I'm excited to find out, but I'm not NERVOUS. When I had my appellate advocacy argument last month, I didn't get nervous until I sat at the counsel table. What is going on? Could I be ---- growing up???

    I do still get INSANELY anxious/nervous/ill over the little things. i.e., picking the girls up from childcare; whether the train is going to move fast enough for me to get to work on time; whether I will get a (small) project done; whether Beloved will be mad at me b/c I forgot to put dishes in the dishwasher --- stuff like that.

    So I guess I have more growing up to do.


    posted by Zuska @ 11:44 AM  
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