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  • Tuesday, December 12, 2006
    Holiday Week
    I posted a couple of weeks ago about the question surrounding the girls' holiday plans. The final decision is that they are NOT traveling.

    So then I realized ... FUCK! They have the week off, and I am, um, on co-op. Meaning, 9-5, at the least, and only have Christmas Day off.

    i thought, "well, perhaps I can take off 2 extra days" - the days Beloved regularly works. But before I could mention it to him, he filled me in on HIS holiday situation - they need craploads of help that week, b/c all the college students are going home for the holiday.

    crap crap crap.

    I decided, however - this is a *co-op* - it is a temporary arrangement. I do not owe them the loyalty that I may owe someone with whom I had a long-term relationship.

    I also remembered last year ... how Christmas week was so dead at the office. I did not think it made much sense to struggle to find childcare (if it would even be possible) just to go into work and twiddle my thumbs for 4 days.

    Co-op needs to last 11 weeks. That's the requirement - 11 weeks of 35 hours/week. Yet, in February, the girls have a week off -- which last year I was able to take off and spend with them, and then the NEXT week was my spring break. That was quite delightful, and I wanted it to happen again. It happened last year while I worked through Christmas week, so I was concerned.

    But then I counted the weeks ... 100% do-able - I could take off Christmas week, and still have 2 weeks off b/t co-op and school, and fulfill the 11 week requirement.

    Then I spoke with the person who hired me. I explained that I *thought* my kids were going to be traveling after the holiday, but things didn't work out, and he said, "I'm off that week, too, and I know a lot of other people who are - Zuska, this is NOT a problem, you can have it off."

    Three minutes later, I received an e-mail sent to 'all attorneys' stating that "Zuska requested the week of Christmas off before I hired her, and I agreed to it - please mark your calendars accordingly." He totally covered my ass!! I didn't think it was a big deal until I got that e-mail, then I thought "huh, is this a big deal?" but then I realized - no. It's not.

    Our plans? Connecticut for a few days, then home. Then the girls and I may go visit friends for an overnight - but Beloved has to work and will be staying behind. Then we will have our usual New Year's Eve celebration (movies, food, games, walk).

    I'm excited, and glad that there is no stress.

    ahhh, no stress.

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