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  • Friday, December 08, 2006
    recklessness. foreseeability.
    yeah, i'm bloggin' from work. i am justifying it in that it's a temporary gig, and that i'm not talking about people i work with. so even if people i work with DID find the blog, they'd just know that i ramble a lot.

    i'm also .... explaining? it by the fact that if i post from google docs, my comments get all messed up.

    today was odd perk #980. a wine and cheese party for the last hour of work. huh? the cheese was soooo delicious.

    i am seriously getting soooo much interesting work. wanna know what kinds of stuff?

    • insurance law (no, seriously, it was quick enough -- 1.3 hours to be exact -- that it was interesting) research
    • trademark law research (!!??? -- not something i ever thought i'd do, or that i've ever done, which makes it all the MORE interesting)
    • environmental law research (seriously, still !!!!!!!)
    • shepardizing 9,658 cases in order to answer the question of whether a 12+ year old law review article merits updating by the octogenarian author (it doesn't) - oh yeah - the topic? statutory construction. okay. that one? BORING!!!
    • a civil rights (sort of like police brutality, but not really) case which is coming to trial while i am here, and this firm is NOT representing the meany-head brutalizers, but rather the poor (maybe innocent, maybe not) victim. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • landlord/tenant issues, which are fun b/c they don't really exist yet. i'm researching to figure out if MAYBE, in the near future, they MIGHT start to exist.

    yeah, boring day? i think not.

    i continue my positive trend.

    now i go home. after i go to the store to buy stuff for dinner. because beloved has the babies (ha!)


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