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  • Tuesday, December 12, 2006
    Chaos (as usual)
    Yesterday was insane at work and at home. e. had a friend sleep over, which I would never allow on a school night, but the friend's mom had to be out of town for work, and needed a hand.

    But wow. 3 giggly girls is a huge jump up from 2. We strung cranberries and popcorn for the tree, and I felt like I was the one-person audience for a 3-person show. It was like they were all performing - for each other, for me - whatever. It was really really chaotic, and try as I might, I couldn't get them to calm down.

    Part of it, I think, is I don't know where the line is for getting other kids (not my own) in line. I'm not going to send a friend to her room ... she doesn't have a room. I tried pulling e. aside and asking her to calm down, and I did ask teh friend to chill some - but she didn't. Either did e. , really.

    I went running this a.m. at 5, and the girls woke up. They never wake up when I leave the house (but they're not generally sleeping on the couches, either, which e. and her friend did today, since we don't have an extra bed). I usually come back and sit on the couch checking e-mail while I cool off before my shower, and today I couldn't do it that.

    I'm all thrown off.

    I'm also PMSing pretty bad, and I'm having a very stubborn month. Like where the "P"-part is so drawn out - why can't it just ARRIVE already? There's no doubt it's on its way .... but I'm sick of getting zits and being bloated. COME ON!!!

    Between the PMS, some slight congestion I've been fighting, and my exhausting Monday - I was a lazy butt this a.m. I barely ran, I mostly walked, and some may even have called it a "stroll" were they to witness the majority of my time out there. But I got up and I went out, and that is better than staying in bed .... I'm sure I'll be more rejuvinated tomorrow a.m. - after having a normal night.

    Now back to work. Man, do I have a lot to do!! The assignments are definitely coming in faster than I'm finishing. I wish my summer was more like this. So far, I'm getting enough assignments that are conducive to me bringing them home to work on that I haven't been having to stay late. I worked for about an hour last night before passing out, and will do the same tonight. Well, hopefully more than an hour tonight. Since I won't be dealing with a Circus in my house.

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