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  • Tuesday, November 14, 2006
    tax? check.
    okay - i'm now 3/4ths done. and THAT feels good, let me tell YOU!!

    The exam was not very hard. Perhaps that was by virtue of it being a 1 p.m. exam, rather than 9 a.m., and I was able to spend 5 solid hours before it started filling in holes in my outline and doing practice exams. Practice exams are fun, especially when there's multiple choice, b/c professors are NOT very creative people, and their questions are often very similar from year-to-year. This was an open book exam, so it's not like if there wasn't some repetition I would have been truly stumped, but it did mean that I had the info fresh in my brain, instead of having to go digging.

    The issue spotter was a "fun" topic, for me, so I enjoyed writing about it. I had time at the end to go through my outline and make sure I hit all relevant issues, and threw in a couple that were questionably irrelevant. but, eh.

    All that's left is to polish up Afghanistan. I have 3 days to do it, and hope I can be diligent about it. it would be amazing if i could hand it in on Thursday, and have Friday OFF.

    I am not, however, diligent by nature UNTIL the due date is breathing down my neck.

    My big decision to make? Do I work at home tomorrow? Or at school? At least one part of my paper needs to be enhanced with a wee bit of additional research, but there's a LOT for me to do before (or after) I get to that point.

    It's not easy being in the law school right now. The first year students are on the semester system, and us upper level students are on the quarter system. So while all of us are stressing out, and using the computer lab to do things like print our outlines and finalize papers, the 1Ls come in to do things like ... check e-mail ... in groups. loud groups. loud, giggling groups. they talk. about things like, uh, where to eat lunch. those of us who are about to walk into an exam don't have time to eat lunch. we don't like to listen to people giggling and chatting about lunch.

    i find it very frustrating.

    and with that, i've decided that tomorrow, i work at home. perhaps on thursday, i'll go into the law school in the morning to do my research, and hopefully then finalize my paper, and hand it in.

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