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  • Sunday, March 18, 2007
    Renewed Focus
    It feels slightly funny to put my IP book down in order to write this post ....
    For some reason, I've had an increase in focus thus far this quarter. It seems partially unusual because it's my last quarter - if there's a time to take school less seriously, isn't this it?
    The reason why I say no is twofold: 1) I didn't take classes that allow that of me - not in the professors' styles or in the content; and 2) I'm feeling like it's an area I have to improve upon if I'm to do well in the kind of work environment I've chosen for next year --- especially if I am going to make my little balancing act work. I also feel like it's really super-duper important that I make this work. I feel like I've been given an opportunity to do good things for my family, and if I navigate things right, it can be a very good thing. The fact that I'm not willing to become a stranger to my loved ones makes the pressure higher, but I think that being focused and productive while I'm at work will help justify the time that others are still there (say, at 7:30 p.m.), but I am at home.

    Therefore, I'm working to make myself do better; to waste less time. I leave my computer home more often and even when I have it with me, I don't allow myself "treats" of checking my e-mail except for upon completion of reading assignments.

    Geez, you'd think I were 14, not 34.

    I also feel more engaged with the material of my classes than I was in my 2L year, or last fall. This makes it all more do-able.

    I've also put other things (gym, daytime hours with the kids) higher up on my priority list than in quarters past. I learned in the fall that I could do that when taking only 12 credit hours - but I didn't then. I wasted a lot of time. Now that my super-flexible days are numbered, I'm doing what I can to use them wisely. This includes being better at staying on task.

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