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  • Wednesday, March 14, 2007
    Saddle Sore
    When I was a kid, I was stick-thin. My aunt (who was not) used to say that if I stood sideways and stuck out my tongue, I'd look like a zipper.

    But she was wrong. I'd look like a zipper with a wierd bulge in it.

    Because even then, I had a really round butt.

    I swear, if I had only 10 extra pounds on me, 8 of it would be in my butt. (the other two would be 1 on each knee, just to ensure that despite how thin I am, I look like shit in short skirts and shorts).

    I have more than 10 pounds to lose. Which means my butt is quite padded.

    So why, then? Why is this first week back on the bike oh-so-painful? It feels like I have the boniest butt in the world!!! I mean, OW!! I want to ride the whole time standing up, b/c my butt hurts so much.

    Yesterday was worse than today, and I'm sure tomorrow will be all the way better.

    I do need a new bike seat, though. The one on the bike now is the second I've had on it, and it's a cloth seat, and it's all ripped and the foam is exposed. I considered getting a vinyl one, but beloved wisely pointed out that since I ride to/from school in my regular clothing, that may not be the best choice. As stinky as it may end up over time, I'd still prefer a seat that absorbs a little sweat, rather than me getting off the bike looking like I peed my pants.

    I guess I need to go to REI at some point this weekend. Fun!


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