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  • Wednesday, February 07, 2007
    Unsettled Stomachs, Podcasts, Crosswords and Astronauts
    I am extremely extremely extremely prone to motion sickness. I am pathetic, actually. I can barely read a map without feeling like I'm going to barf. I can't even check a CD cover to see what song is coming next.

    This affects me mostly in cars. Although it does happen on trains, some boats, and airplanes during turbulence.

    Recently, I have started enjoying crossword puzzles.

    So random and unrelated, eh?

    Recently, I have been finding that I feel nauseous kind of a lot. Sometimes when I wake in the morning, sometimes just in the evening, for no apparent reason, sometimes in the middle of the day. [No, I am not pregnant. If I were pregnant, I would be feeling nauseous all the time, and I would be puking up bile at least 5x a day. Oh, and I would have probably lost a LOT of weight. And, also, if I were pregnant, I wouldn't have my period right now, which I do, just like I did 28 days ago, and 28 days before that, and before that, and before that.]

    I notice it most often, however, as I'm getting off the T.

    I decided the reason must be that I'm doing crossword puzzles on the T. Which involves some reading, and some writing. I thought I would be okay, because I've done Sudoku on the train with little illness.

    I stopped doing crossword puzzles, and instead have been listening to podcasts.

    I love listening to podcasts. I have NPR, PRI, Slate and the BBC on my pod.

    Yesterday, I was listening to Slate's "Political Gabfest," and found myself cracking up hysterically (as they were picking on Joe Biden's hair plugs). I was on the T. Alone. Laughing out loud. People were probably unable to distinguish me from the man across the way taking up 3 seats with his sleeping bags, boom box and push cart. You know, the one who stunk up the entire train so that we all had scarves up to our faces despite the heat being on full blast?

    One of the commentators (I am not going to go and look up the guy's name - sorry - I'm at work) had said that he is 100% bored by the Scooter Libby trial, and he just doesn't care. I was a little struck by the fact that he said that with such an attitude when it's his JOB to care about the news.

    Now today, I find myself thinking perhaps his attitude wasn't so bad. Becuase today, there is a news story which every single website is absolutely obsessed with and I DO NOT CARE!

    I do not think that NASA's announcement that they're going to revise their psychological testing process is worthy of the red banner on CNN!! A plane crash is worthy of the red banner. Perhaps some amazing announcement that George Bush decided to resign --- that is most definitely red banner worthy. Earlier, when they used the red banner to highlight the fact that army reserves and civilian contractors are being indicted for fraud, bribery and diverting funds related to the Iraq war -- that was warranted.

    But enough with the stupid astronaut! Who cares!!!! So what that the woman flipped out? So what that she wore diapers? I. do. not. care. It is so completely unimportant. Why when the 5th helicopter in 2 weeks was downed in Iraq does the stupid astronaut get a red banner AND the picture?

    I mean. Seriously.

    I really need to go research whether or not an issue can be raised on summary judgment if it wasn't raised in a cross-complaint. Bleh.
    posted by Zuska @ 3:30 PM  
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