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  • Monday, February 05, 2007
    I KNOW this is too much information.
    When I was in high school - I think my senior year - I got a horrible sinus infection. My mom hated me at the time, because she found out I was on the Pill, which of course meant that I was having s-e-x. Wanna know how she knew? Because one day, she was lying in bed, doing her "quiet time" (which means reading the bible and praying intently), and Jesus appeared to her in her bedroom doorway and TOLD HER. He told her exactly where in my room she should go to find my pill pack (folded into an extra set of sheets on a back shelf of my closet), and she did. I started keeping them in my locker after that.

    But anyway, even if she didn't HATE me, she didn't ever believe me about anything - including the fact that I was sick (because I had previously told her that I had STOPPED having s-e-x with my boyfriend, but then Jesus told on me). I therefore was unable to get medical attention for my cold/infection, and it lasted the better part of 9 months.

    I had no sense of taste for that entire time. It was horrible. My sinuses were constantly full of disgustingness.

    I made it my mission in life to tell my family - every night at dinner - every detail about the snotty disgustingness going on inside my head. The exact color, the exact sensation --- every detail. It was really all we had to talk about - what with the hating and the disbelieving and the bitterness and all. So I chose to speak of snots.

    And honestly - it became a habit.

    Therefore, I am letting anyone who continues to read this post know what I am going through right now.

    I have been sick since Tuesday. As of Thursday, my voice has not been my own. I croaked out the little "I Will" that I exchanged with my Beloved on Friday, and have not really stopped croaking since. Toward the end of the days, I am pretty much inaudible, and last night I was forced to switch to a whisper.

    I also was unable to sleep last night, because I had an odd combination of dryness and snottiness alternating between my throat and my nasal passages, and every time I started to drift off, the dryness took over and I ended up in a spasm of coughing fits. I tried to apologize to Beloved for the disturbances, but I couldn't talk.

    This morning, my voice is almost normal again. It is full, at least, and I do not have to whisper. My nasal passages are clearer, and I'm getting toward okay.

    But for one thing.

    There is a last bit of .... stuff. It's lodged in my throat. Right at the place that triggers the gag reflex. I almost feel like I'm gonna puke. I'm not, though. I try to cough and cough to make the feeling go away, but as it moves UP -- I actually do feel like I'm going to puke. I'm trying to drink different things to hope that it will wash away - but so far, no dice.

    It truly feels disgusting. I mean, truly and really. I really want it to go away.


    posted by Zuska @ 10:58 AM  
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