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  • Wednesday, February 07, 2007
    I am happy to be reading again. I think that joining the book group is what kicked me in the pants and got me reading. I've always been a HUGE reader. Just huge. Back in Berkeley, when Beloved and I were merely dating, and he worked evenings and nights, and my kids were little, and had earlier bedtimes, and my job was dull and I sometimes could read for hours during the DAY - I was reading a LOT. Like 2-3 books a week?

    Somehow, law school sucked it all out of me.

    Two summers ago when I was done with my first year, was working for the judge, and the kids were gone ... I thought "now I will read!" I just couldn't focus. I read so little.

    Now I'm back to reading, and enjoying what I read.

    I just read Eragon - the young adult book that was just made into a movie. e. read the book well over a year ago (maybe 2), and really liked the story. So when the second came out, we rushed out to buy it, but she didn't get into that one, didn't read it then, and still hasn't.

    I am thinking when I get home, I'm grabbing that book off the shelf and sinking into the couch. It's a fun story. It pulls you along and makes you want to know what's going to happen in a Harry Potter kind of way -- no, it's not the world's most sophisticated story, and the characters really aren't even AS interesting as those in Harry Potter, nor as developed. But they can do magic, and to me, that's fun.

    My next book group book is also a young adult novel.

    And Beloved just read a young adult novel that he wants me to read.

    Zuska: No longer a grown up.

    But at least I can read!

    [Any grown up book recommendations out there?]
    posted by Zuska @ 3:08 PM  
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