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  • Thursday, February 01, 2007
    Is he really in a frame of mind to get married tomorrow?
    I posted yesterday about what I saw and still see as Boston's ridiculousness.

    Today, I got back to my office after my crazy day and checked my personal email - Beloved had written to apologize in advance for the fact that he left teh kitchen a mess. As if he needs to apologize for that. He doesn't work typical hours on Thursdays - he works from 2-8 p.m. Therefore, as any just and right family would decide, Thursdays are my day to cook.

    Problem today being twofold: 1) I feel like shit; 2) I have my book group tonight. Even though we had my favorite soup on Monday - I wanted more. I have a cold, and I think it's turning into a sinus infection. I've been sleeping poorly. We are getting MARRIED tomorrow (hello???) and I need to get well. So when Beloved said yesterday a.m. (perhaps in a joking manner) that perhaps I would want him to make another vat of the soup ... I jumped on the opportunity. YES YES YES!!

    The reason why the kitchen is a mess is because that very kind and loving man spent his morning before work cooking soup FOR ME. That he won't even get to eat at normal dinner time.

    He definitely didn't need to apologize.

    But he did. And he gave an excuse. He said, "I am running late."

    Wanna know why? Because while MY post about yesterday held some vaguely sarcastic tones and allusions to the city's inanity, my darling love ripped every single person involved a new one. Even some who weren't involved - like George Bush and Dick Cheney (although I'm not sure he mentions them by name).

    I mean wow - did he go OFF or what?

    I think when he gets home tonight, after getting the kids to bed (while I'm off babbling about my book), and after hopefully slurping down some soup, he will be happy to read this article: stating that the judge who had the advertising boys in front of her questioned whether they had the requisite intent to be prosecuted under this anti-hoax statute.

    OF COURSE THEY DIDN'T! I mean, DUH!!! It wasn't an advertising campaign designed to look like bombs. "Advertising through the shutting down of roads and rivers"? No! The point was to have the lite brites light up at night, and make people say "hey, why is that meatball giving me the finger?"

    I'm sure that the stupid city's attorney can find some statute or city ordinance saying that people aren't allowed to climb on the underside of bridges without a permit. Or that advertising cannot be placed on city property without a permit. If they want to slap the boys with that - then go for it. But this is just ridiculous.
    posted by Zuska @ 4:26 PM  
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