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  • Monday, January 29, 2007
    The Culmination.
    Today was Day One of the trial I've been assisting with. It was very interesting. It was the first time I'd seen a jury impaneled. It was also the first federal court trial I've witnessed in the flesh. I can't imagine how it will feel when (and if) it's me who is sitting up at the counsel table, watching all these things you've planned for, hoped for, hoped AGAINST, and worked toward coming to fruition. When so much rides on a witness' demeanor, a judge's mood as to what evidence to let in and what to keep out -- just so many unpredictable factors. I found it nerve-wracking sitting back in the gallery! I can't imaging being at the table. The younger of the associates I've been working with assured me that after the first year or two of practicing - and ALWAYS being the gallery, I'll be more than ready to deal with the nerves for the sake of finally getting to sit at the table.

    I have no doubt that he's right.

    In other news, our wedding rings came today.

    In other news, I have a very sore throat. I was on and off sicker than just a sore throat. After eating lunch, I felt like a truck may have slammed into me. I had a cup of tea, and that helped me to feel better. Then I did more work. And more work. And more work.

    And tonight? More work. Laundry and cleaning and straightening and cleaning and laundry.

    But this is a short week, since we're going to the Cape, and getting married.

    Yee haw!!

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