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  • Sunday, January 28, 2007
    Moooooo vies.
    Finally, I got my heart's desire. Turns out the ex decided to take the girls to a relatively late movie, and then to dinner, and I ended up with enough time for a movie!

    We saw a 4:10 p.m. showing of Children of Men. What an intense movie. I may have given Beloved bruises on his leg from grabbing it at the more intense parts. He is usually not too emotionally affected by movies, but he showed me afterward that his ticket stub was all mangled from him folding and twisting it during this one.

    We talked about the movie on the T, over dinner, and for much of the evening before the girls came home.

    Once they were home, we watched with them an episode of Monty Python. It's always fun to see what parts of that nonsense they find funny. Sometimes, I'm surprised at the level of sophistication they seem to "get." Other times, I'm afraid that we're warping them for life for showing it to them.

    Then we put them to bed and watched Little Miss Sunshine.

    We joined Netflix this year. We've really enjoyed the way it works. We like that we don't have late fees. It feels good to know that a movie can sit on our shelf for a week if we don't have time to watch. I like the way the queue works - that when we think of a movie we want to see, we can add it to our list, and don't have to remember next time we're at the video store.

    One thing we always have fun doing (moreso on family movies) is rating what we see. We use their star system, and ask the girls what they think. It's anywhere from one to five stars. E. and J. gave "holes" 5 stars, and Akeelah and the Bee 4.

    Beloved and I gave Children of Men 5 stars. He said that he usually only would say 5 if he was willing to watch something again, and he couldn't watch that again right away, because it was too dark and oppressive to the soul. I mean, the world was ending. No babies were born in 18 years. London was DISGUSTING with garbage and graffiti all over. I need to watch it again. So much was going on that I missed some things, I know.

    We gave Little Miss Sunshine THREE STARS. Which is just on the verge of "not very good." I was thoroughly UNimpressed. And I see from blogs that poeple have either a "what a fantastic movie!" or a "what the fuck?" reaction. As in - THIS is what everyone loves?

    I did not find the little girl to be all that compelling, and I don't think the actress was fantastic. Yeah, she's a kid, so people think she's cute. And sure, she was cute enough. But I thought that the 15 year old son and the suicidal brother were by FAR the center and stars of the movie. If they were not in the movie, it would have gotten one star.

    I don't think (so far) that it should win best picture, or that the little girl should win as supporting actress.

    Today - we go see the Departed. Which I've wanted to see since I saw the preview over the summer. I cannot WAIT. And if the ex is late showing up so that we can't see it, I'm going to scream.


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