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  • Saturday, December 30, 2006
    Zuska's Home Adventures
    Today is .... funny.

    First of all, I woke when Beloved was getting ready for work, and I made him wake the girls with a goodbye kiss (it was 9 a.m.), and when he left, I yanked them from bed and took them to Whole Foods.

    We did New Year's shopping. We're having our same Schmorgasbord day as last year, with games and movies, and we HOPE a walk in the snow. So I had a lot of shopping to do. It was funny, b/c the girls came with me. I never shop ... they never shop. I'm not very familiar with the store, and we don't have "systems" in place like we used to when I was the primary, and then at least 50% time, grocery shopper. Now Beloved does it consistently, usually on the bike alone.

    I think the funniest part was when we were checking out - the cash register showed it had gotten to $102 (I thought it would be more like $300, considering all we had to buy), and e. was like, "mom!! this is so expensive! it's going to be a LOT of money! she isn't even DONE yet!" When it stopped at $163, she was agog. ha. I know that Thanksgiving was more like $180, and our weekly bill is well enough over $100 that her amazement came from nothing but ignorance.

    We came home and unloaded the groceries, and then I went to bring our friends' car back to their driveway. That's when i told the girls how much free time they had, so they chose to watch Zoom and Dragonfly T.V., and when I got back, the t.v. was off, and they were writing (e. on the computer, and j. in a book). They were slightly worried b/c the phone had rung rather persistently, but they're not allowed to answer the phone or the door when they're home alone. It was my parents, calling to say that they got a MacBook, and they one-upped me, and got a better one than mine (frizzum frazzum).

    I started laundry, and on my way down to the basement, I asked e. to start the dishwasher. i said, "the soap is in this bag over here by the door" and went downstairs.

    I came back up, and the dishwasher was on, b/c of my daughter being oh-so-obedient. I don't know what made me ask ... b/c the bag didn't look any different? It hadn't moved, or been wrinkled? (it was a whole foods paper bag) - but I said, "e., did you use the soap from the bag?" and she said, "no, there was dishwashing liquid on the sink."

    'TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!!! STOP THE DISHWASHER!!" (that was me). She used hand-dishwashing soap. We scooped it out, and wiped down the dishwasher door, put regular soap in, and started it.

    Then we played Yahtzee, and some guy called to ask me about the different grocery stores in the area (I'm pretty sure that Stop & Shop keeps funding these surveys, b/c everyone in this town is flocking to Whole Foods, b/c Stop & Shop had rats - we were already Whole Foods People). I enjoyed trashing Stop & Shop, so I stayed on the phone with him.

    J. won at Yahtzee ... she got Yahtzee twice, which was good, b/c we all 4 played last night, and she lost mercilessly, and b/c she was very tired (game wasn't over until 11), she cried. Today definitely healed that.

    While we were playing, I happened to glance into the kitchen .... where soap bubbles were taking over the floor!! e. was VERY worried that she'd be in trouble, but I told her she wasn't, b/c I'd never actually taught her how to run the dishwasher, and it was okay. We sopped it up, and placed some pans under the dishwasher door to catch the REST of the suds.

    But the cycle is over now, and there are still suds all in the bottom, and I'm not 100% sure what I should do about that. Do I run it again? and just let it run and run until the suds are gone?

    I feel like this is a day out of Mr. Mom or something .... only I'm the Mrs. And I suck. I also made my kids microwavable soup for lunch. Beloved would *never* do that. NEVER!! But it was organic and low sodium? So isn't that okay?

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