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  • Monday, December 18, 2006
    Sick of the chaos ... already.
    Today kinda sucks.

    I received an e-mail first thing of the day saying that our hostess' kid was sick, and that perhaps we'll have to put our party off for another day. The "perhaps" is what caused all the chaos - between friends and family and food.

    Beloved was making me a vat of soup to bring to the party - that was put on hold.

    Then we received a follow e-mail that the child was feeling better - so I told him to make the soup, and wrote back that we'd see them later.

    But then another mom wrote and said No! We've been sick for a week, and can't afford to get sick again, please can we reschedule (this family has a child who leans toward "sickly," which is the exact opposite of us. e. has been wondering if the fact taht she hasn't been sick for YEARS means something is wrong with her - b/c we haven't been sick for a long time. When we do get sick, we shake it off really quick).

    So I called Beloved and told him, no way - don't make the soup, b/c now it looks ilke we're going to reschedule,

    But then our hostess said - we can't find another night, she really wasn't THAT sick, and since 2 other people said tonight was okay, perhaps we needed to still go ahead.

    So I called Beloved and said, "I don't know what to do!!" We decided he'd make the soup - if the party was canceled (which was, remember, just for j. and I, so he still had to make some OTHER food for he and e.), we'd all eat the soup, and we'd have to bring something else later in the week of the party was rescheduled.

    Then it turns out not only is the party on, but since we lost 2 families to the fear of prolonged illness (both have been sick recently, and Christmas is around the corner - so I totally understand their feelings on that), our hostess invited Beloved and e. to come along as well.

    Beloved and I have our bdays back-to-back, and it means we both are under teh same astrological sign. I'm not a huge believer in that mumbo jumbo, but I do recognize that there are some personality trends that seem to coincide. For us, it's all the negative ones.

    We're very different people, with very similar faults.

    For example ... when someone calls me with the possibility for impromptu plans, my knee jerk reaction is NO!! I can't!! I was going to sit and stare at the wall for the next hour, I can't go out and enjoy the company of friends!! I need time to digest change. I have gotten to where I can tell people, "I need to give it some thoguht and call you back - I don't change plans without freaking out - let me get right back to you."

    And I believe (my interpretation of our chaos this afternoon) that Beloved is the same way. I want him to learn to say the same thing, "I"m freaking out, let me think on my own and get back with you."

    Because then, I would have less of a headache than I do now. [unless it's the first hints of the buggy wuggy that's going around -- then Beloved's [grouchiness] has nothing to do with it]

    But I love him dearly, even if he IS like me. In all the wrong ways ;)

    We are all going. To eat Latkes and soup and such.

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    posted by Zuska @ 4:46 PM  
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