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  • Saturday, December 16, 2006
    My ex mother in law really irritates me. (duh?) She did before she was my ex mother in law - she did before she was my mother in law. Really, she's an irritating woman. through and through. The girls love her, though, of course, and she's very good to them.

    HOWEVER, every time a holiday comes up for the girls, she says, "did they get my cards? did they get the package I sent them?" The answer is, 7 out of 10 times - no.

    This has happened with whatever house I live in. This happened when I was in California, and it is happening now. I feel like she's accusing me of taking the stuff out of the mail and throwing it away so the girls can't have it - but I'm not. These things are honestly not coming.

    I believe she isn't sending them. I think that she is forgetting, or purposefully not sending, just so she can make these veiled accusations.

    As I have said to her - we NEVER have trouble with receiving mail. Never. Unless she says "Did the girls get my Valentine's Day Cards?" Or "Did the girls get my Christmas card?"

    We got the card from her daughter yesterday, and I told them that we received it.

    Okay, grumble over.


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