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  • Tuesday, November 14, 2006
    It's a Post-Exam Posting Flurry!!!
    It's too hot. Today I wore a plain old knit top with another plain old knit top layered on top of it, and I was seriously glistening all day. i had to strip down to a single knit top during the exam, and yet, i was hot. everyone was hot. it was unfortunate, b/c we were taking our exams in a computer lab in the library, and right outside teh computer lab door were some 1Ls laughing and joking very loudly about some take-home assignment they have (in the class that I taught last fall, which somehow made it even MORE annoying - that old assignment? come on, we've been doing that for *years* - it is not a big deal -- shut up!! Don't you know that we are trying to think about important things? like depreciation and capitalization and above-the-line deductions? This code book is THICK! Your stupid take home is not! You have no code to cite to. You have no RULES to consider - it's an ESSAY for crying out loud - STOP LAUGHING!!!)

    We therefore, in our infinite 3L maturity and law school wisdom, were forced to shut the computer lab door, increasing the temperature by no less than 140 degrees, farenheit.

    regardless of our school's inability to regulate temperatures - it's too warm right now. it is November 15, and while outside, I had to carry my very lightweight jacket. This is very difficult for me, b/c said lightweight jacket, which is very nice and of a very high quality, just so happens to have Future Firm's name embroidered in what is typically an extremely discreet location (on the back of the hood, which usually is folded over onto my back). I find it obnoxious to walk around with Future Firm's name screaming out at my classmates who either 1) think that working for any firm, let alone large-Future Firm, is equal to enslaving 4 year olds in a coal mine; 2) have a job lined up, and find it really insufferable that others who have jobs feel the need to flaunt that fact while they are content to let the grapevine publicize their news; or 3) are very nervous, distraught and stressed over the fact that they do not yet have employment at all and do not need the fact that someone has a Future Firm rubbed into their noses. It's so easy to hide the embroidered advertisement that typically, wearing the jacket is not a problem. but once the jacket is carried over the arm, and the hood flops down, due to gravity, i get a little bit more nervous that I am offending those whom I respect and admire.

    Not last week, but the week before (when 24 Robbins came knocking on my door), it was in the 40s during the day. It was glorious. I had to wear gloves on the bike. Every now and then, I found it necessary to hold the gloves up to my face, and breath through their delightfully cozy fabric, b/c my nose was cold. I loved that weather. I felt invigorated. There was a spring in my step, and a joy in my heart.

    Now, it's 62. And rainy/foggy/muggy/icky. I feel like I am leaving melting patches of my flesh on the sidewalk as I walk. I can't enjoy a warm cup of tea without making it feel as if my guts were screaming for fresh air and trying to claw their way outside of my skin.

    It's horrendous.

    i want my 40s back. I want my sweaters back. I want my gloves. My frozen nose. My dorky ear warmers that i have to wear on the bike and on mornings runs (which it's been too rainy for) b/c my ears get so very sensitive in the cold that I love.

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