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  • Sunday, July 22, 2007
    Bar Exam = Obnoxious Zuska = Clean House
    Last week, or maybe the week before, Beloved and I realized we'd done nothing about taking care of our cats during our trip. Our 12 day trip.

    I said: "Kennel them." Reasons? I don't have time to clean the house, everybody we know who we could ask or pay is gone the same week we are (the greater Boston area is ridiculous with how much people just FLEE in the summer!), and I have no time to clean the house. No time. The house cleaning would have to be big, I said. We would have to do the floors, the walls (just a couple) - - everything would have to be company ready.

    Kennel the cats.

    Beloved didn't want to. Our black kitty witty isn't really .... right in the head. We're lucky that she ever emerges from under the couch or the bed. I think if she had to spend 2 weeks in a cage in a giant room with assorted other animals, she'd jump out of her fur. Even my well-adjusted royalesque boy would probably be rattled beyond recognition.

    So he said "I don't want to kennel them."

    I said - fine. Then it's your job. It's your job to find someone, and it's your job to make the house perfect. PERFECT.

    Now, I actually did a lot -- I took care of a lot of clutter, and I did my bedroom, and the living room looks better than it ever does (and has since I cleaned it up initially, slowly, 2 weeks ago).

    But today?

    Beloved is elbows and knee deep in bleach. He did the kitchen floor. It's gleaming. He did it on his hands and knees. He scrubbed everything. He moved the fridge, vacuumed behind there, and he did lots of other hard-labor scrubby things.

    When I said it - that it was all his job - a week or 2 ago - I felt perfectly justified. After all, I'm taking the bar exam.

    Today ... maybe not so much. It's been all day! While I'm in here filling in bubbles and scribbling on note cards, he's sweating and cleaning and scrubbing like mad!

    I'm very appreciative, and it looks great.

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