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  • Saturday, July 21, 2007
    Despite all my good faith efforts ....
    I have been thwarted. 100% thwarted!

    E went to a bday party in May where they did a Yankee Swap in lieu of traditional bday presents. Each kid brought a gift, including the bday girl, and then they played the game, and everyone came home with something.

    E came home with a certificate ... she was going to receive a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows upon publication.

    She figured her friend would mail it to her, and she intended to provide said friend with her address in the Middle of the Country. She forgot.

    I made plans for Beloved to bring the book home for me from his work on THURSDAY (next), and X promised E he would buy her a copy.

    Unfortunately, the store where they were attending a midnight party yesterday had sold out of copies. She was heartbroken. She wanted a copy NOW! She asked me to call her friend, and INSIST that they ASAP mail it to the middle of the country.

    I of course refused. B/c we are polite people in this house, and despite ocassional lapses, try our best not to be bulls in china shops.

    However, at approximately 4:30 p.m. today, our phone rang.

    "Hi, this ___, is E there?"
    "No, ___, E is away for a couple weeks, but are you calling about the book?"
    "Yes! Can we drop it off this afternoon?"

    So guess what's sitting on my kitchen table?

    Yep. Harry Potter.

    You should have heard the threats I sent Beloved's way! The threats of what would happen if he allowed the thing to cross our threshold.

    And yet - it's on the kitchen table.

    They brought it in a plastic bag, and I did take it out. I touched the cover.

    But I did not even read the inside flap.

    And certainly not the last page. Temptation lived inside my heart, it is true. But seriously, I'm not being sarcastic. I will pass this bar exam, and some foolish woman who's taken to living in castles will not stand in my way.

    Beloved just got home, and now he will be my Police Officer, I know. We're gonna wrap it up and send it overnight to E first thing Monday.

    If she didn't end up getting a copy last night, after all. I hope not! Because if so, we're up a copy.

    Update: E e-mailed. She got a copy last night. She's on Chapter 2 (she was finishing a re-read of #5 before she would start #7, and she re-read #6 right before she left .... no, that's nowhere near in order).

    So the copy which Beloved hid is mine, and he just won't get one from work.

    Which means I need to study somewhere else tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, so I stop hearing voices from somewhere in the bedroom (where it MUST be hidden).

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