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  • Thursday, May 31, 2007
    Yesterday the Blur
    BarBri started yesterday. I didn't find it to be so bad. We started off with Crim Law, though, which had a certain comfortable familiarity. Something I enjoyed, and therefore paid attention to as a 1L. Today is Crim Procedure, which is also within my comfort zone. I do worry about commercial paper. Something tells me it's not silly of me.

    After the class, I came home and looked through my stuff, the homework schedule, etc., and tried to decide what I should bring with me for an afternoon of chaperoning many children from activity to activity. I was putting my hand on a novel when Beloved said, "no! you need to read for bar class tomorrow!" So I brought the stupid Conviser Mini Review. What the hell kind of word is that, anyway? "Conviser." It's not in the dictionary. Stupid-ass "mini" book which weighs 100 pounds.

    I did review Crim Pro, though, while sitting on the stoop of a Temple in which kids were recording songs from their past performances onto a CD. I then rounded up 8 of those kids and paraded to a Taqueria, where we all indulged in burritos, quesadillas and tacos. I then escorted all 8 of them to the softball field, where I again opened the Conviser book, and talked to friends while charts stared up at me.

    It seemed like I was having a crappy start to this bar prep nonsense. A friend called me twice while I was at the softball field, sitting on soft grass, enjoying the weather, and talking to a law-person who's a fellow mom. The friend was freaking out, "Zuska! Have you condensed your notes yet? how long are they??" then the second call, "Zuska! Are you doing practice questions tonight? None are assigned, but people say I should do them every night!"

    I did go home, and despite exhaustion resulting from a 5;45 wake up to go for a run (which sucked. I was glad I got up, but I ran like shit) and then class and then responsibility over a total of 12 kids (at different points of the day - from school to activity 1; during breaks at activity 1; from activity 1 to activity 2; during activity 2), I consolidated my notes.

    I was proud of myself for that.

    Then I passed out. At 10:45 p.m. Which is unheard of for Zuska. It did allow me, however, to get up at 5:45 again, and this time - my run was not shitty, it was great, and now I'm in a great mood and ready to go learn about Criminal Procedure from Dear, Funny Professor Whitebread.

    I would also like to say I just loved those kids. I love their ages, and their personalities. I love every single one of them. E's friends, J's friends - they're all such great kids. The conversations they have (other than the wee bit of gossip the older girls engaged in until I glared at them sufficiently to make them stop), the way they interact, the way the older girls hung out with the younger girls, their responsiveness to each other and to me .... they are just great people, and I'm glad to know all of them.

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