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  • Sunday, May 13, 2007
    Happy Mother's Day/Exam Prep
    Today is definitely not going in the books as the "Best Mother's Day Ever" for several reasons. Not the smallest of which is the fact that I spent 80% of it (thus far) studying Securities Regulations, and am about to switch over to Intellectual Property.

    I ran into a professor in the park today. The park right behind our house. She was playing with her kid, and said, "what are you doing here? do you live here?" I said, "yes, I live right there!" and she was stunned, b/c so does she. They just moved here.

    I now have one judge, and TWO professors in my neighborhood. I am pretty sure there are other "legal celebrities" that I'm just not remembering right now. Oh yeah, right -- a third professor. One of them has lived here since we have, and his daughter is E's age, but in another school. His daughter plays against E in softball, and was in the same spelling bee, etc. So we tend to run into each other quite often.

    I look forward to graduating. Then they're not "my professors" anymore, but rather "a professor at my alma mater." Then I won't feel like random conversations in the park are stilted by my concern that she's making me memorize 9,000 facts by Wednesday.

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