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  • Tuesday, May 08, 2007
    As per Mieke -- 7 things
    As I said, Mieke tagged me. I have to think of 7 things that people wouldn't know about me. Not an easy thing to do, since I say (and type) everything I think. Well, that's not true. There were at least two things which I considered for this list, but then passed on for something a bit less ... personal.

    1) I tend to throw myself into temptations, rather than resisting them. Sometimes this is as minor as buying an album on iTunes when I know very little about the artist, and other times, it's as major as kissing someone I perhaps should not.

    2) Right after E was born, I bled pretty heavy, and was a hair's breadth from being whisked away into surgery to make it stop so I didn't die. All the while, I was lying there, grinning, feeling fine, b/c the baby was out of me, and she was crying, and even though there were some scary things going on with HER before I pushed her out, she was okay. I was really on some other planet. X, my mom, my doctor, and the nurse were all frantic, and I was grinning at the little sparklies around the lights on the ceiling.

    3) I had a C average all through high school. I shared this with a friend of mine last year [who I met through the kids], and she was stunned. She just could not believe that I hadn't been a good student. Well ... I was not. I was horrible. I didn't do my homework, I was completely disorganized, and I put forth zero effort on most of my assignments. If my kids do the same as me, I will be very ANGRY with them. I will likely be ANGRY with myself, too, for passing my genes on to them.

    4) I have only had sex with 3 people in my life ... and since I've been married twice (well, one is current), it goes to show what a prude I am. I know very few people with such a low #. My kissing # is also quite low.

    5) When I was 21, I was fired from a job. (Or rather, I "resigned in lieu of termination.") It was one the worst experiences of my life, because by that time, I'd already been in the work force for 8 years, and one thing I thought I was really good at was working. In my experience, it was the very beginning of shared document networks in law firms, and in the early days of interoffice e-mail. Another employee had been caught accessing private and confidential documents (that required passwords), and was fired. After that happened - the office administrator did a search of the system to find out who had accessed other people's documents. My name was on the list of people who accessed more than [some arbitrary number -- I think it was 25] documents, and so I was on the list of seven people who were given the boot. They did not care that I had legitimate reasons for being in other people's documents (i.e., I did a lot of overtime and overflow work, and worked for several people other than my boss -- far more than 25). All of the documents I accessed were "public" - not private. I had not hacked into anything, nor was there any allegation that I accessed information I should not have, and certainly no allegation that I misused information that I shouldn't have had. This was my third (or fourth?) rider to my bar application; along with the one about the divorce; the one about Liberty's disciplinary policies; and the one with my 100 jobs beyond the blank spaces provided. I've told a few friends this story in the context of me needing to write it up for the application, and at least one person looked horrified --- she said, "agh! at my summer job, I went into other people's documents all the time to see how certain documents were done there!" Yeah, no duh. We were also told to do that at Future Firm, and at the firm I was working with at my last co-op. Because that's the point: shared documents. I was told after I left this firm, though, that the sweep of people who were gotten rid with me all had some issue or another -- whether it was one woman with rheumatoid arthritis, or the other whose baby had health issues requiring her to miss a lot of days. Some suspected that it was a front to get rid of people who were no longer needed/wanted. [I had just asked for a leave of absence for the summer, b/c X had a clerkship in another city.]

    6) All my life, my dad had a good bit of gas. Burps, farts, you name it. Turns out, I have his genes. I tend to fart a lot in the evening. It's perfectly controllable - I mean, if I go to a friend's house, I don't fart. If I'm at a restaurant, I don't fart. Actually, for the first 2 or 3 years of my live-in relationship with Beloved, I held onto the farts. Now, however, I let 'em rip (that's what he gets for taking the plunge into marriage). It's become a bit of a family joke. So much so that yesterday, when J and I were at Target, she laughed uproariously at the gift card with a picture of Flower (from Bambi) on it that said "I smell like Roses." Because that's my mantra .... It's okay that I farted, because it smells like roses. Also, when Beloved and I watched Volver, and Penelope Cruz knew that her mother was in the house because the house smelled like farts, we laughed a lot. I am curious as to WHY, and if something's wrong with me. When I eat bread, rice or pasta, there is more, and more PAINFUL gas. I already stay away from those things, for weight loss purposes. We tried a meat-free week a couple weeks ago, and that had no discernible effect. Perhaps some day, I'll go to the doctor.

    7) I wish my hair were red. Preferably an auburn color - like Addison from Grey's Anatomy. Actually, I wish I looked like her - entirely. I think she rocks. Nicole Kidman used to be my "I wanna look like her" girl, but she's gotten emaciated and weird. I don't like her anymore. I liked her when she and Tom [freak] first got married ... when they did Far and Away together. And when she did Dead Calm. Like here. Not like here. Or here. [I mean, ewww??] Nope. Now it's Kate Walsh for me. If I could, I'd look like this.

    Phew. That was hard. It took 3 days!!!

    I'm really not a fan of tagging people - if you want to be tagged, let me know, and I'll link to you in this post. Otherwise, steal at will.


    posted by Zuska @ 8:08 PM  
    • At Thursday, May 24, 2007 10:59:00 PM, Anonymous KadyL said…

      Me!me! Hehe. No seriously, I don't even know what being tagged means. There must be some rule about longtime bloggers helping out the virgins, right?

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