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  • Thursday, February 22, 2007
    Making Plans
    I have next week off. Tomorrow's my last day of work, and school doesn't start until March 5.

    These are the things I hope to do with my time off:
    • Go to the doctor for a pap smear;
    • Get my hair cut;
    • Read some books;
    • Help out with the girls' school play;
    • Cook dinner on the days that Beloved works;
    • Choose a third city for our trip to Europe this summer (or see if I think that 2 cities will fill our time)*
    Update with additions:
    • Add many wonderful people to my sidebar over there
    • Clean my house
    • Store my work clothes
    • Start a daily running routine
    • Do my taxes
    Notice that "go to school and buy books" is NOT on my list? I am not really sure what classes I'm going to take. I'm on the fence about both Intellectual Property AND First Amendment. The only classes I know for certain that I'm taking are the terrorism/liberty class and Securities Regulations. I am considering dropping one of the others and picking up a Legal Writing class (ick). It probably wouldn't hurt since I'm going into both the bar exam essays and my job where I'm expected to perform as the "Cream of the Crop." (Fuck). I used to be confident that my writing was more than fine (this blog should not be considered a sampling, since I'm rarely careful here, and don't intend to be), but this co-op has made me think that there's definitely room for improvement.

    I will sit in on ALL of the classes in the first week (won't THAT be fun), and make my decision by the end. The classes I will attend are:
    1. [Balancing Security and Liberty]
    2. Advanced Legal Writing
    3. International Law
    4. First Amendment
    5. Intellectual Property
    6. [Securities Regulations]
    At least one them has got to go - and perhaps two of them.

    I've really never done this before - I've always been such a hyper-planner and had all my decisions made and books bought before classes started. It is strange to me that I'm not freaked out by it, but I'm not.

    * We were going to go to Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. However, some investigation shows that Barcelona is a miserable sauna in August - with temperatures of 95 degrees Farenheit entirely likely. The other two cities are far north enough that we can expect temperatures in the mid to high 70s - which is perfectly acceptable to me. 95 is H-O-T, and I don't like H-O-T weather. We're considering Frankfurt, Germany instead ... but I wonder if perhaps just splitting our 10-14 days between the 2 cities isn't a better idea? It is therefore my job to spend a good deal of time with the book that Beloved got me for Christmas, Rick Steve's Europe, to determine whether or not I can fill our time with 2 cities, and in the alternative, to pick a third.


    posted by Zuska @ 9:32 AM  
    • At Thursday, February 22, 2007 2:58:00 PM, Blogger LL said…

      My 2 cents on the European cities- Amsterdam is by far my favorite of all the cities I've been to and of course Paris great. If you're looking for a third in Germany, I'd recommend Munich. Frankfurt is nice and I'm sure you'd have fun, but its very modern and not too different from a NYC or London. Munich has the Hofbrauhaus and Glockenspiel and I had a great time visiting there.

      This makes me want to plan a trip! So much more fun than reading for securities...

    • At Thursday, February 22, 2007 3:10:00 PM, Blogger Zuska said…

      Oooh, securities is n my future - my very near future (blech).

      I will read up on Munich! I love hearing what other people have enjoyed.

      I am sad about giving up Spain ... but Beloved and I plan on doing a LOT of traveling in our future - so it's definitely not our last chance. Non-summer travel may be hard until (quick math) 2016 when J. graduates from high school, though.

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