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  • Wednesday, February 21, 2007
    You have something on your forehead ....
    As I was walking to work today, I peered into a 7-11 store, and saw a man checking out at the cash register who seemed to have an injury on his head. A scar? A depression? A scab? I wasn't sure. Then I rounded the corner and saw the downtown Catholic Church that I pass every day, and noticed that several people around me had the same mark on their forehead. Ahhh, Ash Wednesday. Beloved mentioned yesterday that it was Fat Tuesday.

    The things this sent through my head ...

    is it nice to be part of a religion on a day like this? Where everyone does the same thing, walks around with a badge of perhaps not their faith - but at least their inclusion? What makes someone want to have this external brand, so that everyone who passes them (presumably) knows their religious identity? I wondered what it would be like if I stepped into that church, and accepted the blessing and the ash ... would it have any wonder to it? Even if not to the spiritual aspect, to the ritual?

    Beloved announced last night that in consideration of Fat Tuesday and it being the eve of Ash Wednesday - he decided to give something up for Lent - despite his lack of religious affiliation. He said he has done it several times in his past.

    I said, "oh, I thought you were going to say in consideration of it being Fat Tuesday, and Mardi Gras, that you picked up some beer to go with our chili." So, I was a wee disappointed that instead, he only picked up spaghetti - as his final dose of pasta before he gives THAT up for 40 days. (Due to my anti-carb influence, I fear).

    Then I impulsively (stupidly?) said, "oh, well, then maybe that's what I'll give up." No, not pasta. I already don't eat pasta. Beer. Alcohol.

    Damn. I really think I should start this thing that others do --- THINK BEFORE YOU TALK.

    Just kidding. I did think. I thought, eh. I'm losing my paycheck (tomorrow's my last), and I'm trying to lose weight. Every time I come home and have a glass or two of wine, I add another 100-200 calories to my day's total. Beloved says it also slows the metabolism, but pshaw on that.

    Therefore, I'm dry for Lent. Not for religious reasons, but rather for a wee exercise in self-control, and as an additional step toward my quest for a Size 8 by the time I go to Europe. If it results in quicker weight loss, my dry period will continue beyond the resurrection.

    Or is it the crucifixion?

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