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  • Monday, January 01, 2007
    Happy New Year!!!
    I think that this is my favorite holiday this season (this year). I am really excited about 2007. It is bringing many big days for me --- mine and Beloved's marriage; my graduation; HOPEFULLY mine and Beloved's first trip to Europe together; my first day at the Future Firm. On top of that there will be the yearlies --- like the girls' bdays. They're turning 9 and 11? My baby will be NINE? How can that be?

    I am very very happy that it's 2007. The biggest reason HAS to be that this is the year that I finally finish my string of temporary arrangements. Ever since I married my ex (actually, earlier than that, b/c I went away to college, and then I moved back home to await my wedding day), everything I did was "temporary" - I have been able to look ahead to the end of what is going on, and could not just settle into what I was doing and where I was. And I have hated it. It has caused me to hold back from making towns I've lived in "home," it has kept me from making close friends, it has kept me from making my shelter my "home" as much as I would have if I had any reason to believe I'd be staying.

    First, when the ex and I got married, he was half-way through law school. We thought that would be it - the only temporary arrangement. Instead, he decided to go on for his Ph.D., and during that, he went off to London, and I moved home for a while, and then we went back to CA for the completion of the Ph.D., during which we separated, and I went to Sacramento to get on my feet -- for 3 months. Then I returned to Berkeley, but in a basement rental that I knew wasn't permanent, and then I applied to law school.

    So, I'm very pleased that now, finally, I can be done with the looking forward at changes around the bend, and just settle in, settle down, etc. We will be looking for a larger place to live once I start working, but we don't know yet if we'll be able to buy right off or if we'll just transfer to a bigger rental. It sort of depends on the real estate market. I'm currently optimistic that a short wait will allow us to buy a 3 bedroom condo much quicker than I would have thought a year ago - before the prices started to plummet.

    2007 - the year of settling --- the good kind of settling.
    posted by Zuska @ 11:31 AM  
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