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  • Monday, November 27, 2006
    why, pray tell?
    when all i did all day was learn how to look up documents on a computer, am i so tired? i mean, i'm WIPED OUT. pooped. i don't even know if i can stay awake through Heroes.

    this week is not a calm one -- tomorrow is my first day trying to get from work to the girls' after school program before it closes at 6. i *hate* this. i hate the stress. i have more than enough time. i was home today at 5:40, and i think if i went to their school, i would have been there at 5:30 - but i can't just know that, and be okay.

    i have to start, at approximately 3 p.m., worrying that someone will come in with a RUSH assignment. that the trains will have a problem and i'll have to take a bus. that i can't walk fast enough to get from work to the T station in my usual amount of time (which causes me to practically RUN to the station).

    i am a freak like that.

    and i have to get there early enough to get j., and then be home in time for e. to get dropped off after her cello lesson, at 6:04.

    and we have to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special tomorrow at 8 p.m.

    and then Weds., we have to do NOTHING.

    but THURSDAY - it's insane.

    i can't even explain how insane right now.

    i'm too tired, and Heroes is about to start.

    Friday .... j. has play practice for her play that is the next day.

    she is Charlie Brown!!! We can't wait. But my parents and her father and step-mother are coming into town on Saturday, and will be here for most of Sunday as well, so ....

    it won't be stress-free child-viewing pleasure, oh no. not at ALL.

    and monday's my birthday. and tuesday's beloved's birthday.

    and wednesday is the day i have to get my booby smooshed.

    but it doesn't hurt anymore .... so i'm thinking of cancelling the appointment.

    I hope, tomorrow, at my job? that i get to talk to at least ONE lawyer.

    in the meantime, i started to write a story on Google Docs. I believe i am a huge fan of this idea - a web based word processor. many itmes in the past, i've wanted to write a story while bored at work, but don't want it to be found or accessible. having it on the web, on a private account to which only i (and beloved) know the password feels a lot better to me.

    So if the laywers do keep leaving me alone, i'll be cool.

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    posted by Zuska @ 8:54 PM  
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