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  • Friday, November 24, 2006
    national sleep-in day
    did anyone see that e-bay commercial yesterday? where someone throws their alarm clock across the room, b/c you don't have to get up early to shop at e-bay?

    i hate e-bay.

    but i like the idea of national sleep-in-day - obviously.

    i rolled out of bed at 10:30. beloved had to work today, so he was gone some time ago. there is something very delicious about being able to stay in bed while someone else gets up, showers, dresses, and leaves. and yet, i sleep. mmmmm.

    i have things to do today - of course. i want to go and find a new outfit for co-op on monday. i want to go to target to buy some hand-weights. i want to go for a run. i need to clean up the house.

    i had thought i'd get up at around 9, and go for a run first thing, but that didn't happen, b/c i slept through 9. so now, since i'm feeling anxious about being sure i get out the door, i will shop first, then come home and either first run, then clean up, or first clean up, then run. we shall see.

    i just checked my yahoo mail, and it said i had 8 new messages. after i read 7 of them, i still said i had one, but i couldn't find it. i scrolled all the way down to august, and still no new message. so i made myself a cup of tea. then i came back to the computer, and scrolled through all these old e-mails - my summer associate stuff, then spring e-mails that were clearly freaking out about Federal Courts, then all these e-mails from last winter's co-op at the ACLU - hundreds and hundreds of them, b/c unlike Summer Firm, they didn't give me an in-house account, and i had all kinds of client and inter-office emails coming to my yahoo account, thousands of emails b/t beloved and i about solstice gift projects --- but still no new email.

    finally i went straight to the bottom - and the last email on my list, dated 1/21/02, was the "new email" - fortunately, it was junk mail.

    yahoo sucks. i'm thinking of switching my main account to my .mac account, which right now has 5 emails in it. that's how much i've used it since setting it up. but yahoo has a lot of delays, and quirks, and i think it's a little bad lately (as in the past few months).

    decisions, decisions.

    i'll ponder it while i shower so i can go shopping.
    posted by Zuska @ 11:19 AM  
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